Sunday, 18 April 2010

Milord's Birthday

Our backyard used to look a lot like this.

Then we ripped up the cement.

Put down foundations for the shed.

Moved all our tools etc onto the slab, and put a tarp down over the dirt. Sadly we ran out of time and money for decking, which is what will eventually go over this.

Milord has also made a few baby barriers - pretty good ones!

This is the first wave of guests who came by on Milord's birthday last weekend. We had about 50 people come through in all. As I didn't know who was coming when I catered as if everyone would be with us for lunch and dinner. My freezer is full and we'll be eating roast pork and jacket potatoes for some time to come!

That's the only picture that got taken. I was just too busy to think about it - I didn't sit down with my guests until about 8pm... prepping food and cleaning up (and looking after Princess's meals and bath and naps etc) ran me ragged.

I'd say it was a great success and it was nice to mark the occasion of Milord's half-century with a big bash. I must admit though that it was very hard work to organise with a baby in tow and I'm very glad all events are now over for a few months.

I've been feeling a little meh since... just a bit run down maybe.


waterbob said...

Not surprised that you're a bit weary. You guys have done so much and I am glad to hear that it went well. Can't get over how much you are starting to look like your Mom.

greytonsal said...

The transformation of the yard is great - it gives a good idea of how large it will be once decked and it will be so smart! Well done on all your hard work, both of you. I am pleased it all went well and everyone had a super time I am sure. About Waterboh's comment - it must be the boobs!