Saturday, 30 January 2010

Princess Update

All is well here. Princess will be 5 months old on Monday. She is awesome, and I am loving being a mum.

Everyone says her eyes are the exact same shade as mine...

I've started a "yummy mummy" boot camp in the park once a week. Ouch.

Fell off the wagon after 3 weeks and a 2kg loss. 5kg to go to pre-preg weight.

I am training Princess to sleep unwrapped (because she is starting to roll and the wrap worries me). We are both exhausted! Today is going lots better though, and in a couple more days we may have it cracked. Then I just need to wean her off the dummy! By 6 months old I want her to be able to go to sleep without "external aids" like wrapping, rocking, dummy etc. Because at 6 months we'll be getting stricter about naptime and bedtime. At the moment I can spend up to an hour returning to rewrap her or replacing her dummy. At 6 months we'll be doing the "ignore for 5 mins, 10 mins, 20 mins, etc" technique, and it's only fair that she's not addicted to wraps or dummies at that point.

I am researching solids - I plan to skip mush and go straight to finger foods. Super messy but low stress because your baby gums on chunks of whatever you are having. We think we see 2 little bottom teeth on the way in Princess' mouth. Maybe. No "teething" symptoms... I'm not sure I believe in "teething" symptoms - I think that's a catch-all answer for why your baby is clingy/unsettled etc. Before 4 months old everyone says "wind".

Otherwise, Princess is beginning to reach for things and grasp them (and nom on them). She is rolling onto her side. She likes being held up in a standing position, and is very close to sitting unaided. Tummy-time is no longer a bad thing.

Mmmm, what else? Milord is building a deck outside. Paid for by credit card. Which is almost maxed out and we have no way to pay it. He is still only employed part time, and we can't wait for the economy to pick up so that his company will take him back on full salary. *sigh*

Ah well, it keeps him busy and adds equity to the property.


Lisa said...

Grace is just gorgeous. I went out to the Magaliesburg to stay with your mom and mine last night. It was so great and she was telling us what a great mom you are. Grace is a lucky girl! :) She is so beautiful.

waterbob said...

Thanks for the Grace 'fix.' I needed that!

DelBoy said...

Very cute and very photogenic!

greytonsal said...

She is gorgeous and not every baby has teething problems. You did not, so hopefully Grace will be as easy. Not long until she is crawling snd sitting up! From a besotted Granny!