Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Princess Update

Happy New Year!

Our New Years Eve was very quiet. The boys played Xbox, our hostess went out to a party, the kids slept and I read my book. Milord came outside to watch the distant fireworks at midnight and had a snog with me, and then we crashed off to bed. A bit dull, and I'm sure my hostess wished she'd stayed at her friend's party instead of coming home for midnight!

We are now home in Sydney, enjoying the relative coolth and lower humidity. While it was lovely to be away in the heat for a while we were all very ready to come home. I couldn't live in the tropics - it's exhausting to be that sweaty all the time!

We are all very tired. Not only did the heat cause us to sleep badly, but our bedroom faced east and dawn was before 5am every day! Princess found the change of scene unsettling and stopped sleeping through. Plus we all caught a cold in turn - Milord brought it home and was a sore-headed-bear. Princess caught a milder version off him and was a limp grumbler. Then I got an even milder version from her and just ached and sniffed.

Since being home we were all sleeping like the dead, but I've been harbouring another cold and now Princess has caught it off me. So no sleeping through yet - she's waking every 4 hours for medicine (which she hates, poor little thing), food and a cuddle. Milord says he had forgotten what waking every 4 hours is like! I hope tonight is better...

Apart from that Princess is thriving like a weed.
Weight: 6.7kg
Length: 65cm

This puts her just above average for her age on the weight and height charts. Perfect.

She's getting very strong at holding her head up during tummy-time, and has really begun enjoying her bath - especially now that she fits properly into the seat bit of the baby bath.

Princess' evening "Toxic Time" has finally passed. While Mom was here Princess started going to sleep around 8pm from time to time, and over the last few weeks she has been falling asleep around 7pm. I am now able to begin to implement an evening routine, where between 6pm and 7pm Princess has a bath and a feed, then sits in my lap while I read a book to her. At 7pm I put her to bed. Sometimes she goes to sleep easily, and sometimes I have to go in every 10 minutes to comfort her until she drops off, but it is wonderful to have a routine at last!

Of course this interferes horribly with dinner-prep. What I am trying to do now is to prepare whatever is going to be required for dinner during the afternoon and pop it in the fridge. Then once Princess is in bed I can hurl stuff at the stove aiming for an 8pm eating time. Tonight Milord is cooking for us and I can sit at the computer and catch up on a little blogging - heaven!

The only thing missing is a glass of wine. I have gone off the grog for January. Mainly to kick-start some much-needed weight-loss, but also because after the festive season I am totally sick of wine and junk food! I've also begun sticking to my Weightwatchers points, doing the odd half-hour on the x-trainer and drinking a lot of water, so hopefully the excess fat will begin to melt off... wish me luck!


waterbob said...

Wow, the Daddy genes are strong and the laugh looks lovely. So glad to see you back on the blog and Estelle also sees Daddy looking out of the baby face. The progress is impressive and she is developing so quickly - or is that just a proud grandad bragging?

greytonsal said...

What gorgeous photos! She is coming along in leaps and bounds and so strong on her tummy now! Such a lot of progress since I was last with you. I am dying to get hold of your baby photos next month then we will be able to compare Princess with you at that age. I still see you when looking at Princess, but then daddy is there too as you are both alike anyway! Keep the photos coming! From a besotted granny!