Monday, 9 July 2007

Personal Torturer

The gym I belong to gives you a free personal training session every month as part of the membership deal. Initially I thought this was rather cool, and I used my sessions to ask the trainer about specific exercises to firm my butt or how to use the weights or whatever. Then the trainer I had been seeing left the gym, and I was assigned a new one called Rene.

And Rene is out to hurt people! I had one session with her and several days later when I was walking normally again I determined to never go back, and I didn't for over a year. I don't like pain.

Now, it seems the gym has become techo-savvy and they have discovered that I have a backlog of a year's worth of PT sessions owed to me. Rene rang me up a couple of weeks back to arrange a session, and I was such a wuss that I went along last Monday. She hasn't eased up at all! On Tuesday I could barely make it down a flight of stairs, and on Wednesday night I was on painkillers and Milord was heating up wheat bags to put on my back because it was in spasm...

And guess what? I've booked in for sessions with Rene every Monday midday until the City2Surf run! That's 5 weeks of torture every Monday - and my next one is in an hours time... oh why do I let these things happen to me!? Today I will ask her to skip the exercise for the back and core muscles as my back is still not quite right - of course that means that she will be able to make me do something else instead.

On the positive side though, I broke 50 minutes for the first time around the Bay yesterday! 48:48 - fantastic.

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