Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Old News - Newsletter January 2007

Happy New Year and all that! I hope you had a good one.

My December was not terribly eventful apart from the usual round of gatherings and parties that happen in the silly season. I was somewhat broke after a whole month’s holiday, and just getting back into the work routine was hard enough!

For Christmas we travelled to Brisbane to be with Milord’s mum for a week. She isn’t doing too well on the lung cancer front and we don’t think she’ll be around much longer… Having said that though, she felt far better while we were there than she has in a long time, and I think she had a nice Xmas. The doctors have changed her chemicals to something that makes her feel less ill, and she was able to enjoy her meals for a change.

On Christmas day Milord’s sister, brother in law, two nieces and two elderly aunts came over, and after a nice lunch of cold meats and salad everyone under 50 had a lot of fun in the pool. It actually started raining but we ignored it and carried on. I am a hit with the nieces (9 and 14) and they didn’t want to go home ;-). It’s nice that I have met the family a couple of times now, as I was able to relax and be myself and they still seem to like me!

It was a very relaxing (read: dull) week away. Milord's mum lives in the middle of nowhere - not even a local pub within walking distance. She has a large pool which was lovely for 2 days, then it rained for 4 days straight and if I hadn't taken several books with me I think I would have gone mad. We visited a few mates, but the taxi ride each way was $50 so that was kind of off-putting. M is now living in Brisbane, and she came over for lunch on Boxing Day which was fab ;-).

We came home the Friday before New Years, and it was great to be back in our own home in the middle of buzzing Sydney. I don’t think I’m ready for suburban life!

On New Years Eve we went to a friend’s house where they had a gathering of 10 or so people. They live within walking distance of the harbour, so we first walked to a high point for the 9pm fireworks on the water, and then later walked to the water’s edge for the midnight fireworks on the water and on the Harbour Bridge. I think we ended up walking almost 3 hours in total, which was a blessing as it stopped me drinking and I was fine to drive home later!

The fireworks were spectacular both times, and I was very chuffed to have seen in my first New Year’s in Australia in Sydney!

The party pretty much ended at 2am, Milord and I hung about for a while drinking water until I was sure I was ok, and then we headed home and got to bed at 4am. That’s the first non-hung-over New Years day I’ve had in a long time!

Since then things have been quiet. We are completely broke! We reckon the entire Xmas holiday including flights and presents came to over $3000 (GBP 2000 eek) so we’re utterly skint!

I have also just sent off my application for a full migration visa, and that’s costing $2000, which has cleaned out my local bank accounts completely… I better get it!

Milord and I are now on a strict diet; we are exercising and have cut out booze Mon-Thurs, but weighed ourselves yesterday and have lost nothing :-(. Very discouraging as we would love to drop a few kg before SA in March. We'll stick to it though and hopefully something will happen soon! All my clothes are far too tight, and I can wear nothing from last summer... it's driving me crazy as I refuse to go up a dress size!

It was my anniversary on Sunday - can you believe I have been here a year already! We celebrated by walking/jogging 10km, then meeting mates over from the UK for a pub lunch! And then had a nice meal out in Balmain with far too much champagne... perhaps that's why I have lost no weight!!!

It's been a quite a disappointing summer so far, cool and quite wet. Although nothing in the dam catchment area so we’re still on water restrictions! Even Milord has stopped saying how nice it is not to be hot, and has joined me in hoping for some sunny scorching weather! Oh well, the lawn is nice and green…

What else…? We’ve started gently house-hunting, as we have decided to buy property together (big step!). I doubt we can afford anything at all in Balmain, so we’re looking a little further out of town. We will most likely have to get on the property ladder by starting with an apartment for a couple of years, as we’re not ready for the ‘burbs ;-). All very exciting!

51 days to my next hol!

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