Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Old News - Newsletter March 2006

Firstly, I have landed a job! The visa is now processing and I should start work sometime next week we hope. It is in downtown Sydney, and as luck would have it there is a bus which goes just about door to door in half an hour ;-). I'm doing ASP.net stuff, fleshing out a system which has been built to prototype by consultants, and now they're using cheaper contractors to finish it. Not great money to start with, but a foot in the door and my next contract should be far easier to get. I'll be working on the call center webapp for Readers Digest - cool eh?

What else? Weekend before last Milord and I went off to Brisbane for a couple of nights - mainly for his work, but also for me to meet the family. It was his mum's birthday so the entire bunch were there... 2 Elderly aunts, his sister and 2 nieces. They're all really petite, don't know where Milord get's his size from! Apparently his dad was a learge man. Luckily they are all very nice and think I am too, so it went well. His mum is a lot older then I'm used to in inlaws (76) so I had a bit of trouble relating, but we entertained each other on Monday while Milord worked and I have a standing invite to come back at any time!

I think I caught a cold on the plane back, and have been sick as a parrot since last Wednesday. How I managed to perform in the interview on Friday I will never know as I was completely drugged up and fuzzy, but I guess they're not too fussy! I am now keeping Milord up half the night with coughing, and feeling very little guilt as he usually snores fit to rattle the windows! He's booked in for a sleep clinic next week to see if anything can be done about it...

This past weekend we went to the Hunter Valley for a golf competition and stayed with friends. We went to functions at the clubhouse Friday and Saturday nights, and Milord played during the days. I fiddled about wine tasting and exploring the local "town" on Saturday - to call it a one-horse town would be kind! Reminded me of those desperate karoo towns between CT and JHB. Oh - I found someone to ceroc with on Sat night! The style is a little different to what I am used to, but pretty much the same and still fun ;-). My new dress flares beautifully! On Sunday I joined Milord to walk the course and watch. Things sure have changed from when I used accompany my student mates for a hack around some scrubby course with a six pack! We had golf buggies, there were complimentary hotdogs, snacks and softdrinks all the way around, and occasionally a bigger buggy of beer would tootle by. A style I could become accostomed to!

It is our second "montheversary" today, and we are still going strong - better every day. Milord's divorce has now finalised which is a nice birthday present for me!

It's my birthday on Friday, and we have a couple of things planned. Thursday night we are meeting some friends at the top of the Shangri La hotel which is 20+ stories high and overlooks the harbour, then we are all going for dinner. Friday is a secret apparently... :-o. Saturday we are going sailing on a friends boat with a few mates. L is over from Auckland and will be coming along too which is fab.

So, things could not be any better! Even the weather has been perfect this week - hot and sunny ;-).

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