Sunday, 12 March 2006

Old News - Newletter March 2006

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, I feel really spoiled ;-).

The best news is that my visa has been approved, so now I can stay and work for the next two years (extendable) - legal at last! The news came through on Friday, so a fab birthday present for me! I celebrated with a quick shopping spree for work clothes ;-).

I've had a great birthday. On Thursday I went for drinks 35 stories above Sydney Harbour, followed by dinner at a Tepinyaki restaurant (that's where you sit around a big hotplate and a Japanese chef cooks in front of you).

Friday was just a low-key drinks and dinner with friends, as Milord felt he'd organised enough ;-). He gave me the most stunning silver Tiffany starfish necklace with a diamond in it, so I can't complain! My first diamond ever... cool!

Yesterday we went sailing on a friend's boat. A new experience for me and not nearly as glamorous as I was expecting - very cramped with lots of ducking of flying ropes and winches - but certainly interesting. The weather was stunning, and sailing gently past the Opera House and Harbour Bridge is not to be sneezed at.

Today Milord and I were thinking of going diving, but as I have managed to leave my bag with wallet and phone aboard the boat it sounds like we'll be swimming out to the mooring instead!

I start work tomorrow, so hold thumbs for me ;-).

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