Friday, 28 February 2003

Old News - Newsletter February 2003

I start work on the 3rd March. That suits me, and gives me a whole month 'off' before hitting the treadmill again! Very very nice, especially as my Mom is staying with me at the moment. She's just landed a job in the Yorkshire Dales, and starts in a couple of weeks, so we're having fun spending money we *will* have!

Florence was an interesting trip. The town is lovely, and the artwork stunning, but unfortunately 5 days living solidly with Northerner brought an abrupt end to a fading relationship. He's a lovely guy, but not for me perhaps... A great pity, but I hope he finds someone more suited.

That's about it really. I'm free now at weekends if anyone is doing anything interesting! And my new job location is more convenient for travelling into London easily I think, so please start inviting me for pub-quizzes and dinners again - I am back in society again!

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