Friday, 7 March 2003

Old News - Newsletter March 2003

Well, I am about a week into my new job. It’s not very exciting so far, as I am just reading documentation and manuals – really stupefying stuff.

I’m working with a slightly odd bunch of people, although they’re quite fun. Have you ever wondered what happened to the pale soft-bodied nerds in class who spent all their spare time playing computer games and watching Buffy? Well, they’ve grown up into balding pale soft-bodied blokes, who spend all their free time playing computer games online and watching Buffy DVDs, and work with me during the day. (And my line manager has worn a purple shirt every day since I started – I’m not sure what that means, but no-one else has mentioned it so I don’t know if I should!) The first hour of each day seems to be devoted to rehashing gaming strategy and last night’s kills, and the rest of the day involves a lot of non-pc banter. I’m not sure when work gets done, but anyway. At least everyone seems happy, which is a huge change from the last place I worked! My work is in one of those soulless business parks, but the pretty little village of Theale is very close by, and the Kennet and Avon Canal is 10 min away. I had a lovely walk along it yesterday at lunchtime.

Hmm what else? I have just worked out my budget taking into account my drop in income, and realised with horror that I’ll be netting £300 less per month, and now my rent is more than a third of that amount. So my recreation is going to involve low-cost pursuits if possible from now on. I have just joined the local Rambling association and intend to go along on one of their Sunday walks very soon. Hopefully this will help me meet some locals (who actually step away from the computer sometimes). The days are getting longer, and the clocks change at the end of the month and then I will have enough daylight after work to do some walking or cycling or gardening or sketching (I struggle to draw by artificial light). I was thinking of signing up for lessons in something, but now I am broke!

There is a direct train from where I work in Theale to Paddington and it takes an hour, so if any Londoners are planning stuff during the week give me a shout. I may not be able to afford to come every time, but I will try! And if anyone fancies a breath of country air you have a standing invite – bring your walking shoes!

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