Saturday, 8 February 2003

Old News - Newsletter February 2003

After nearly two months of searching I have finally landed a job!

It's just West of Reading, and takes about half an hour to get to from where I live, so I don't have to move, which is brilliant. I'll get to see my bulbs come up in the garden!

It's a Delphi developer position, in a tight-knit and friendly company, who seem to work flat-out in a structured way - just what I was looking for. They're using the latest versions of everything, and have already told me I'll be starting off with loads of training to come up to speed. If you know anything about IT you'll know this is rather unusual!

The money is a bit less than I was getting at my last job, but still well within market rates. I start in two weeks, and I'm quite excited! I'll be their fifth South African too, so we're slowly taking over the civilised world.

I haven't been up to much else, as I was battening down the hatches in anticipation of a long homeless job search. My Dad has gone home to SA and now my Mom is staying with me while she looks for housekeeper work. We've always enjoyed living together, so it's rather cool to be unemployed together! We've done plenty of walking around the area, which is quite rural and lovely if you haven't been to see me yet.

It was T and J's wedding two weeks ago, at which I had the honour of being bridesmaid with H and L. It was absolutely glorious and went like clockwork, and the reception was a jol. Definitely the wedding to measure others by ;-). T and J get back from Honeymoon in Thailand and Singapore tomorrow, and I'm sure their photos will make me green with envy!

I've had a most annoying cold for two weeks now (caught at the wedding I think!), which was completely debilitating for the first week and has had me coughing like a seal for the second. It is finally on the way out though, and I hope to get back into the gym on Monday. My interview suits were decidedly tight!

I'm being taken to Florence for Valentine's weekend by Northerner, and I'm really looking forward to it! Eat your hearts out girls! I'll post my own envy-making photo's when I get back :-p.

Hmm what else? I'm about to make up for the last two month's frugality with a terrific shopping spree... whee!

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