Thursday, 12 September 2002

Old News - Newsletter September 2002

Well, I am finally moving into my new home today. It took me a lot longer than I wanted, as the landlord and letting agents took their time getting things ready, but it actually works out financially better as I am not paying overlapping rent on two places!

Enormous thanks to Northerner, Mom and A, who helped me move 99% of my worldly goods into the garage of the property last weekend, driving in and out of London all day long! Not much fun, and I was completely shattered by the end! Since then I have managed with 4 plates, 2 mugs, a wok and a pyrex dish – it is amazing what you can get by with, especially as Mom and A were staying with me for a while too. Mom and A actually broke up a few days ago, but have managed to stay friends – although having them both stay with me was a little fraught ;-). A has gone to Norway to do some handyman work for a while, and then he is going back to SA.

Mom is going to be staying with me until Tuesday when she is off to SA for a few weeks for a holiday, and will be knocking my garden into shape in the meantime! I bought my first lawnmower yesterday – very exciting. The start-up costs are going to be huge for a while, as I am renting unfurnished for the first time in this country. I am picking up a nice mattress on Saturday, and that will have to do for the furniture budget for a month or two! So visitors had better be able to sit on the floor… Anyone keen to get out of London for a weekend is welcome if they don’t mind roughing it a bit! I’m about an hour out of Waterloo or Paddington, so London is easy for me – please don’t stop inviting me round ;-).

I am very much looking forward to living so close to work. The commute from London is becoming more and more irritating, especially as the days start drawing in and more people seem to be using their cars. The area I’ve picked to live in is almost rural, with lots of woods and fields nearby, and I am extremely close to a rambling route. But the shops, pub, library and video store are all within walking distance, so that’s nice. And I’m a short drive from Henley and all those lovely Thames villages… I can’t wait to dig out my hiking boots and get walking! There must be loads of walking clubs in the area, and I’ll be looking into them very soon. And I’ll be rigging my easel in my study as soon as I get settled… all the things I’ve been talking of for so long!

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