Monday, 30 September 2002

Old News - Newsletter September 2002

I thought you'd all be fascinated to know that I am no longer single! I always was really crap at staying single, and it is nice to know nothing has changed ;-).

Anyone who has seen me over the last few months will have heard Northerner cropping up more and more often. He's a bloke I used to work with a couple of years ago, and although we had lost contact we met up again at a drinks evening in April. He was thrilled to hear I that was single and began a long and gentle courtship, in spite of no encouragement. It took me a very long time to get over the failure of my last relationship (as you know), and I was not interested in a rebound.

Anyhow, his patience and persistance have finally paid off, and I am having to pinch myself daily as he seems too good to be true!

So, details. He's English, from the North, 33, 6"2 and nicely proportioned ;-P, and an IT support project manager, working in Canary Wharf (London). And he thinks I'm super, which is always very nice! At the moment he lives near me, but is about to move to Docklands. Which means I'll have a London base on weekends - bonus!

Apart from getting to know my new boyfriend, I have been slowly furnishing my house and getting the garden under control. Work is a madhouse, but I seem to be getting the hang of my current tasks at last.

This past weekend was very nice. On Saturday Northerner and I went into London and had a few drinks with Candice and her mob on the Queen Mary for her birthday. Then halfway through the evening we wandered into Covent Garden and met up with R and S for a few drinks for their birthdays. Then staggered off to Chinatown for supper before heading home. On the Sunday we went to Leeds Castle, which is brilliant! I can really recommend it - super restored castle, lovely grounds and gardens, a fun maze, and a nifty grotto which deserves a look. There is a huge aviary, and plenty of picnic areas.

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