Friday, 30 August 2002

Old News - Newsletter August 2002

I have done yet another absolutely impulsive renting decision and found a new place to live. Within 2 days of starting to look. And it is utterly unlike what I started off looking for!

I began by looking for a little studio (batchelor) flat in Central Reading. After taking a look at what was on offer, and what sort of area I could afford (not good) I had a change of heart.

I have now taken a 2 bedroom terraced housie, with garden and garage, miles from the nearest station! But it is 15 min from work, and in a very quiet area (Binfield, for those who know). I should be able to move in next weekend! Ooooooo SO EXCITING!

I've already started planning what bulbs to plant, and which bits of furniture to save up for (lawnmower first I guess)! It is unfurnished apart from the kitchen, so I will be camping on the floor for a while. Not the first time.

Oh yeah, I have decided to hang on at my place of work as you might have gathered! They have told us we are moving to .net next year, which is a great incentive! And the job market is dead, so the grown-up thing to do is to lie low. Gotta act my age from time to time, if only to be unpredictable!

Cool bananas! I want to move now now now! Except for the packing bit - guess what I'm doing this weekend! And anyone with muscles and a car - doing anything on the 7th ;-)? yee hee hee! Just think - I'll be able to sleep late and still get to work on time!

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