Wednesday, 21 August 2002

Old News - Newsletter August 2002

This is a public apology to Mountain Man for all the nasty things I've been saying about him!

We had our first chat in months last night, and it turns out that he has had a serious girlfriend for a while, and didn't know how to tell me. So he just disappeared, spending every available moment at her place, and only coming home to change after I had left for work each day! In the meantime I was thinking he was being a revolting slapper, out all night every night!

Oddly enough, this was more upsetting than the fact that he has a girlfriend: I couldn't believe that someone I used to love was behaving so out of character! It is a huge relief to discover he is still a nice bloke, and that I can still trust my instincts.

This is going to sound wierd, but I am not bothered by him having a new girlfriend, although I am not ready to see them together, and living in the same place is still hard (2 days to go)! Our relationship was over a long time ago, and although I am of course jealous, it doesn't hurt.

I feel happier today than I have in a long time!
Aren't I peculiar?!

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