Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Lots going on, I just don't feel like posting. I think I'm depressed. I think I know why. Just gotta deal with it...

Back to the lots going on, anyway!

Anniversary of my Dad's death

At the end of August it was 3 years since my Dad died. I feel conflicted because I feel I ought to miss him far more than I do, or feel more sad, or something. I am coming to realise that he really wasn't a great part of my life after all, and so there isn't much to be missing?

We didn't have that close father-daughter relationship that some girls have with their Dads. Dad wasn't around much when I was small, and didn't care for me much as a teenager. He probably struggled to relate to his non-sporty, bookish, arty daughter! He didn't mentor me as a teen (although apparently he did mentor other teens, which just pisses me off). I'm sure that I was a disappointment to him until my 20s when I became a computer programmer and he could finally be proud of my accomplishments. Once I moved overseas we'd talk on the phone a few times a year, and we got on just fine as adults, but we weren't close.

I feel... guilty? And sad because of what I may have missed out on. But not sad because he's gone? I just... *gah*

Kids Birthdays

Princess and King both had birthdays at the end of August! Princess is now 6 and King is 4.

Hamilton Island

In the first week of September Milord's entire little company went to Hamilton Island (tiny tropical resort island) for a week for a conference. And they took me along!

I was in charge or organising and cooking meals, but otherwise I was free to wander the beach/hills/marina or simply chill out by the pool. It was awesome.

It was the first time I've been away from my kids since Dad died, and the first couple of days were gloriously kid-free. Then I missed them terribly! And I had nightmares about them every night (like, in one dream King's Lego burst into flame, because we used the wrong batteries...? yeah). It was a lovely break, but I was very happy to get back to my babies!

Father's Day

Princess' Eyes

We had a note from the school nurse that Princess wasn't doing well on the eye chart even with her glasses, so I took a couple of days off and took her to Sydney to see the specialist. Turns out her eyes have actually improved slightly, so we had her glasses adjusted.

Seeing as we'd gone so far I decided we'd stay a couple of nights and do stuff and see people. On our first night we stayed in a hotel in Darling Harbour (central Sydney). Princess enjoyed this experience so much she didn't want to leave!

The following day Princess and I visited the Sydney aquarium (awesome), the mini zoo next door (pretty good), and Madame Tussuad's next door to that (this was a free ticket, we wouldn't have normally gone as Princess doesn't know who any of the statues are supposed to be!). She was exhausted by the end, and that night we stayed over with friends before heading home.

King's Speech

We have been worried about King's speech for some time, he struggles with some consonants and is sometimes extremely garbled. We have finally got him into therapy and it is helping already... at the moment we are working on "L" with help of a reward chart!

Jury Service

I got called up for Jury Service again! I'd already deferred it twice and it was a quiet time at work so I decided to go along (I could probably have gotten an exemption because I'm a contractor, but I thought I'd go anyway). About 50 people turned up, and we were told there was to be just one short trial requiring 12 jurors... 12 from 50, that's good odds not to be picked, right? Especially since I'd done jury service 10 years ago in the UK - the gods wouldn't be that cruel again, right?

Yeah, no. I got picked and spent 3 days on an Aggravated Robbery trial. It was quite intense, and certainly an interesting life experience (again). We found the accused Not Guilty in under 5 minutes.

SIL Visit

Milord's sister was in Sydney visiting her daughter, and decided to hop on the train to spend some time with us in Canberra. It was during my jury service so I only saw her in the evenings, but she's quite lovely and my kids are still talking about her!

Princess is totally her mini-me too!

Friend's Visit

The weekend before last was a long one and some friends from Sydney came to stay with me for the weekend (Milord was away in London, more on that below). They have a boy who is Princess' age, and he played so nicely with my kids!

They arrived late Friday night, and on Saturday we went to Questacon (kid's interactive science museum), on Sunday we went to the pool for a couple of hours and then to Floriade (spring bulb festival in a local park). On Monday we visited the local model village, Cockington Green, and had a pub lunch before they headed back to Sydney.

And then the kids and I collapsed! Our weekends are usually a lot quieter than that!

Milord in London

Milord is currently in London for 2 weeks. An old friend is losing a long battle with cancer and Milord wanted to say goodbye. It is very sad.

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Merry Christmas Wandering Saffa,

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