Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bonfire Night!

Last weekend friends of ours with kids the same age as mine were staying with family on a large property just an hour away. They invited us to stay over for a bonfire night, so along we went.

It was a cold, dry weekend. The kids all played together and had fun investigating the chicken run and the cow poo and the piles of fallen leaves. (You have to look quite hard for autumn leaves in Australia as the native trees don't shed their leaves. Luckily the property had several large oak trees which dropped lots of leaves)

The bonfire was in a field not to far from the house. It was huge!

We lit it at sunset - 6pmish - and various friends and family and neighbours came along too bearing food and wine. What a spectacular sight, and lovely and hot on a freezing night.

The kids went to bed rather late, and Milord came to bed at 1am after a lot of red wine around the fire with the boys. Of course little kids don't actually sleep in no matter how late they go to bed, so we were up at dawn. We cooked breakfast for the household and then Milord drove us home with a monster hangover.

By early afternoon I was the only one awake! King still naps anyway, Milord took himself to bed and Princess fell asleep watching a movie. I stretched out on the couch with my book and a glass of wine. Ah, the serenity!

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