Monday, 19 May 2014

How to dislodge an object from your toddler's nose

Yesterday we had a lazy start, then took the kids to the dinosaur museum and then to the pub for lunch. When we got home we set up some telly for them to watch, I did some laundry, and then I sat down to relax with my book and a glass of wine. On the floor at my feet was a tiny cylindrical piece of black plastic, probably broken off a toy - I picked it up and put it on the coffee table.

King came past. "What's that, Mummy?" "It's rubbish baby, will you put it in the bin please?" "Okay Mummy".

Shortly thereafter he gave a howl of pain. "Ow! My nose!" "Did you put that black thing up your nose?" "Yeah!" "Oh, King, you idiot."

We lay him on the kitchen counter and peered up his nostril with a torch. Yup, something black up there, beyond where I was comfortable poking tweezers. I left Milord in charge of Princess and the kid's dinner and off King and I went to the hospital.

One great thing about Canberra, the ER is just about empty on a Sunday afternoon! We were seen within minutes. The first doctor thought she could use forceps to get the piece of plastic, but the senior doctor felt that King was too little and that he would struggle and probably force the damn thing in deeper.

Then the senior doctor suggested trying something I'd never heard of: I took a huge breath and placed my mouth over King's, like I was trying to resuscitate him. I blocked his clear nostril and blew hard into his mouth. It was surprisingly awkward, but luckily King found it funny to have Mummy blowing into his mouth. On our sixth attempt there was a sudden wet explosion across my cheek - the piece of plastic was out, along with quite a lot of snot!

We were on our way home almost immediately. What a relief - the next step would have been sedation (and because King was eating biscuits in the car on the way to hospital we'd have had to wait 2 hours first too). We got home in time for King to have a proper dinner and bath before bedtime, and I had my well-deserved glass of wine at last!

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Suzanne said...

The little ones certainly keep you on your toes! Glad King avoided surgery.

Only a couple of trips to the ED with my two, one tried to eat a glass Christmas ornament, the other just for infections.