Friday, 1 November 2013


So, Halloween was awesome!

I walked in the door at 6pm to be met with a cry of "Are you ready, Mummy?!".

I dressed Princess in her princess dress and crown, popped a cowboy hat on King and we were off trick-or-treating down our street. Milord stayed home to hand out candy to the kids who came to our house.

Those of you in the Northern hemisphere, try to imagine a lovely warm and sunny Halloween evening (our sun sets around 8pm at the moment).

My street is about 10 houses long (on each side), and most of them were ready for the swarm of little kids in costumes. We gathered a heap of lolly loot and were home just before 7pm. We let the kids eat a few things, and then scrubbed teeth extra well and tucked them into bed with green glowsticks.

Princess stayed up until 8:30pm and King was still playing at 9pm but finally the sugar wore off and they conked out.

This morning I left Princess and King eating Halloween candy in their pyjamas, and brought all our leftover handout sweets to work.

Sadly last night was such a rush that we didn't take any photos, but it is a memory I will certainly cherish. Our first trick-or-treat. Fun!

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Suzanne said...


We're close enough to the equator that it was over 25C when trick or treating started!

When I was a kid, though, costumes had to be thought out with wearing a coat underneath!