Thursday, 28 November 2013

Busy bee

I have been so busy lately and Christmas is almost upon us. Eeeek! How did that happen?!

In brief:

Last week I was working 11 hour days to hit a deadline. I hit it and I am very chuffed, but I am also very tired! Those sorts of hours get rough once you are in your 40s. Thank heavens for my Mom who managed the kids from dawn to dusk every day.

King has finally overcome his fear of the potty and did 2 wees on it yesterday! We credit daycare.

Princess is back in swimming lessons on Saturdays and is doing quite well. She is still very timid but will now at least put her face underwater! I couldn't get a good time for King, so we just play with him in the kids pool until Princess is finished her lesson, and then we all play for a while before heading home. From next Feb I have managed to book both kids into swimming lessons on Sundays at the same time - yay!

Milord is enjoying his job I think, although he is seriously swamped and works long hours and brings work home on the weekends too. They are already talking about a pay increase for him though, so he feels appreciated at least! When he has free time he is playing a bit of golf at last and loving it.

Milord has also started cycling to and from work several times a week - over an hour with a couple of hills each way! His belt has already come in a couple of notches.

I have just received an automated birthday card reminder for my Dad, at the same moment that my desk photoframe randomly showed me a picture of Dad holding King. Spooky. And very sad.

We have organised to housesit a friend's place in Sydney over Christmas and New Year - I get to catch up with my friends - woohoo! And we have booked a house near the beach over Easter - something to look forward to.

I have joined a gym for the first time since Princess was born. It is a women-only gym 10 minutes brisk walk from work. This means that by the time I get there I have already warmed up and can jump into things, and that I can have a gentle stroll back afterwards. So far the place has been practically empty every time I have been - a big change from the packed-out gyms in Sydney! Not sure why... but I love it.

The weather is all over the place. 30C today, 20C tomorrow, down close to freezing some nights, sometimes wet and sometimes very dry. Interesting.

Mom seems to be settling into her role of Stay-At-Home-Granny. She has the house and kids well under control during the week, and then disappears into her room or off in her van on the weekend to get some space. She seems a lot happier lately, although this childcare gig is not what she had in mind when she came to join us!

We are all staying off the booze Monday to Thursday lately. Mainly for me: my doctor is worried about the state of my liver, but any the damage is reversible provided I give the thing a decent break every week (I feel fine but tests are coming back dodgy). I can't cope with teetotal if the rest of the house is drinking though, so Mom and Milord have finally decided to cut back with me! Mom and Milord have lost weight... I haven't. wah.

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