Wednesday, 16 October 2013

StepMom's Visit

A week or so ago my StepMom came to us for a week for a visit. She had been in Australia for a couple of months visiting an old friend, and made a huge effort to come and see us too! She is now back home in South Africa loving her own space again...

StepMom bonded brilliantly with the kids and Milord. She is an awesome Granny ;-)

I couldn't take any leave but StepMom managed to come to us over a long weekend so I was able to spend 3 days with her. While I was working she and Milord took the kids out to see the sights and to walk around the lake. On the weekend we all went to nearby lake with a "beach" where you can feed the ducks and paddle.

My kids are so lucky to have 2 brilliant Grannies!

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