Thursday, 2 May 2013

Squint Surgery Take 2 - One Month Later

I just don't feel like blogging. It is now nearly 3 months after Milord walked out on his job, and we are still unemployed.

It is grinding me down and I am just so tired. I hate job hunting. My house is too small to have Milord home all the time. My kids are both testing their boundaries and my fuse is far shorter than it should be. I just put the little buggers to bed and then had to go lie down and cry.

*wah* Pity party for one...

In the only good news I have though: Princess' eyes are still straight! Woohoo!

It is exactly one month since her surgery, and so far her brain is still using both eyes at the same time correctly. God I hope they stay ok.

PS. Oh yes, more good news: Princess had a full cardiac checkup the other day and her heart is perfect. No murmur or anything ;-)


Lisa said...

I really am holding thumbs for you. It must suck big time! I am sending the job fairy a kick up the butt to get her focusing on you! xxxxxx

Suzanne said...

Hoping this is her LAST visit to a surgical suite.

And she's just so adorable. :)