Saturday, 2 March 2013

Hanging in there...

We are in a holding pattern here. I'm finding it hard to blog because everything comes out bitter!

Milord is having trouble finding time to study his course, and won't jobhunt until it is done.

One of the reasons he is busy is because he is doing some paid work.

Not enough paid work to cover the mortgage and bills though. We do have enough savings for about 2 months survival though...

Until Milord gets work I don't know if I need to look for full time or part time work myself.

I am still very annoyed but am doing my best to be nice and not nag.

Princess needs another eye operation because her eyes are now doing this:

King has discovered walking and is very chuffed with himself.

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Suzanne said...

Oh, do I know the not wanting to blog because everything comes out bitter. That was me for quite a while.

Sending you some hugs and good luck wishes, because it really is not easy. The men sometimes don't understand that you're stuck in a holding pattern until they tell you what they're doing.