Friday, 8 February 2013

All Change Please!

Yesterday Milord chucked in his job. It is a shock as he didn't speak to me about it first, but not a surprise as he has been progressively more miserable there.

Of course we are now a family of 5 with no income and a huge mortgage. It's a bit stressful.

I have polished my resume and am looking for part time work, and Mom has agreed to look after the kids on the days that I work. Milord plans to do a short course and then job hunt.

Part of me is excited by the idea of getting back into the workplace. The rest of me is mostly annoyed!

On a lighter note, a Royal Fix:

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Shona said...

Sometimes the biggest pieces of change reap the most amazing benefits.

Your photos are delightful, (as always) looks as if your house in summer is a fun place to be.