Friday, 10 August 2012

I'm Fine

I'm getting worried emails from around the world!

I'm fine, really. Nothing a slab of chocolate and some wine can't fix! I don't get depressed, but I do get sad, worried, frustrated and cross. Sometimes all at once and I then I feel the need to complain.

Princess will be fine. The heart murmur can't be that bad if they've only just found it, I'm not really concerned about her balance, and the glasses are cooooool.

I have the sweetest boy in the world.

Dad's blood results were so good this week he didn't need to be admitted.

So, on the whole, things are as good as they can be ;-)


Suzanne said...

Princess does have some cool glasses there. :)

King looks like his Da-sweet little boy.

Hugs from halfway around the world.

greytonsal said...

That is better news! Such cool glasses and King is gorgeous! Hope you are feelin more positive now. Life is Great! Lots of love and kisses.