Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Because I feel a bit random lately.

I've hurt my back. Shit. I have been so careful to look after myself because aches/illness/etc is the pits when you are pregnant, and now just as I'm nearly over the cold that has been hanging around in my sinuses for over 2 weeks I have a bad back. It's a kind of spasm behind my left shoulderblade, that goes spaz when I bend or twist... like I have to a hundred times a day looking after a toddler! I have no idea how I hurt it - maybe rescuing Princess when she misjudged the depth of the pool ramp yesterday and suddenly sank under the surface and I was there with no memory of getting to my feet from sitting in the water just beyond arms reach! Or perhaps during the tantrum when I decided I'd had enough and it was time for a hot shower...

On that subject I've just moved Princess' swim lessons to Saturday mornings so that Milord can take them over. I'm not struggling exactly, but I think it is time to hand over what I can.

That's also why I'll be looking into a cleaning service this week. I can no longer move furniture to clean under it, and getting the vacuum cleaner under the bed is a bitch!

And I'm signing up for online grocery shopping because managing a laden trolley around corners is almost impossible with no core strength. Don't even get me started on sloping parking lots!

Is it a modern women's dilemma that I feel guilty delegating this stuff? We are supposed to handle the children plus the home plus the workplace no matter what, and surely I am letting down every feminist and suffragette who fought for my right to do all this when I can't cope? Does my husband secretly resent me being a stay-at-home wuss (he says emphatically not, but one wonders sometimes)?

We've replaced our sexy 2005 4WD Lexus with a Mom's Taxi 2010 Honda Odyssey 7-seater. Not sexy but now at least we can fit more than 2.5 adults into the car along with 2 babyseats! The 2 rear seats fold away completely when not needed to create a HUGE boot space, and the car handles really well although we're missing the GPS and rear camera. The insurance reduction balances the car payment increase, so financially it's the same!

It has been raining for days. Serious rain, coming in off the sea torrentially sideways! Very Cape Town. Some towns up the coast are having floods and roofs ripped off, but for us it's just very cosy. Princess is watching way too much telly and not getting any walking practice - I was going to take her to an indoor playpark this afternoon but I'm not sure it's a good idea with my back now...

Princess' walking is ok, although she's still got very little balance. I keep hoping she'll get the hang of walking holding on with one hand, because that would be a whole lot easier for me - every time I try the one-handed thing it quickly becomes a dangle though!

She's such a cutie. She's started guerrilla cuddles... she climbs onto the couch next to me and without warning rears up, roars, and launches a pouncing cuddle! Then she'll go back to watching telly for a few minutes and do it again! I've spilled so much tea and water and wine lately - luckily we have rubber matting on the floor and the Kindle is coping quite well with splashes. If I'm doing something else in the room she'll say "More cuddles! More cuddles!" until I sit down again so that she can pounce on me.

Yes I'm drinking wine. Shut up.

Hey, my Mom's immigration visa has been approved! She'll activate it when she comes over in September and then she can move here whenever she's ready. That happened quickly - it usually takes 3 years but hers took just over 1! I'm hoping she will move over next year sometime...

Ok, Princess is down for a nap. I'm going to go lie on a hot pack and see if this back will ease up...


Suzanne said...

Eh, the wine is good for preventing clotting. After my own share of them, I'd rather you had healthy blood.

You're smart to delegate, so don't feel guilty.

And yay to your Mom's impending immigration. It'll be wonderful for the littlies to have her on the same continent. ev

greytonsal said...

Pulled muscles are a pain! Sorry! You are wise to rest as much as possible and it will soon repair itself. Deligate, deligate, deligate! Your man will love being more involved and a cleaning service is a good idea. Why should you have to do the lot? Can't wait to experience a gorilla cuddle - not long now! Keep yourselves warm and cuddly! Lots of love xxx

Nat said...

Wise move to delegate... I do online shopping, and until the kitchen renovations started, I got a cleaner in fortnightly.... and I have no kids plus a fairly cushy job :-)
Hope the back improves soon!

waterbob said...

Your guy is a modern man and all we need is to be asked. Delegate away and enjoy the last three months. You ladies do a fantastic job and I am in awe of what you have achieved and are coping with.