Tuesday, 7 June 2011

All ok

I just have a cold and am not really in the mood for blogging. My head is bunged up and I can't take anything, so it's a bit yuck. I have to sleep propped up on a heap of pillows and my sinuses ache... I caught this cold off Princess, and now I know why she was in such a bad mood for a couple of days!

It's my first real cold this pregnancy, so I'm lucky there. It seems every toddler I see is a mess of snot, which they of course smear onto all the play equipment, so Princess is getting a cold every couple of weeks. I tell myself it's good for her immune system in the long run!

Zeus is growing well and my doctor is very happy with the pregnancy. I have no complaints and no swelling and my blood pressure is the best it's been in years. I guess the housewife thing agrees with me!

There is a cold band of air coming up from Antarctica and it's jolly cold outside. It was 9C on the way to swimming this morning and it's only 15C now. The pool is indoors and warm so I braved my cold to take Princess to swim class and splashing about afterwards. I felt ok this morning but now I'm blocked up and achy again... another afternoon in front of Dora the Explorer rather than out at the chilly park I reckon. Bad Mummy, although Princess doesn't mind!

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greytonsal said...

Sorry you are feeling so aweful! Hopefully it will ease in a couple of days. I am sure Princess will not mind a couple of snuggly and warm days indoors either. Yay for the telly! Look after yourself and a bit of pampering will do no harm! Lots of love.