Thursday, 25 October 2007

Juice Fast - 72 hours

So here I am on day 4 of the juice fast. I'm still hanging in there, but only just.

Yesterday afternoon was an absolute NIGHTMARE on the hungryness front! I had rumbles and cravings and I think that if there had been anything healthy to eat in my office I would have munched it! My biggest craving was for a bunch of apples... until I passed the roast chicken shop on the way home. Man, that was hard!

I somehow made it through the evening and into bed, where I ignored my rumbly tummy and had a pretty good night's sleep. This morning I woke up fine - no rumbles or cravings again. I wonder why the mornings are so much easier? And I'm sure I read that day 3 onwards would be ok...

So far today I've had herbal teas and a huge watermelon, apple and berry juice. I think I could get used to fresh juice for breakfast ;-). I've found a new juice bar that does some interesting combinations; I will try their spinach, celery, carrot and apple for lunch I reckon. If the big rumblies strike me again this afternoon I think I might come off my fast - it's just not worth how cranky it makes me feel! I'll stay on fruit and veg today regardless though - they say you should ease your system back onto solid food or you could feel really sick, so nothing heavy just yet.

My temptress friend has stopped nagging me about my detox - because I said I wouldn't start on solids again until she left me alone! It's funny to watch her bite her tongue when she sees my juice though ;-). mwhahah

No weight loss today. I'm a little surprised, but a kilo in a week is a record for me anyway so I don't mind. I must also say that I don't feel particularly "detoxed" - I'm not glowing or energised or whatever. I also don't have pimples or headaches or funny poo. Either I wasn't that toxic or it still has to come out!

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