Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Friends like these

What is it with some people that they are determined to undermine your resolve? Dieting or teetotal or detox is hard enough without someone contantly chipping at your willpower.

I have a very good friend who I like enormously and I know she'd do anything for me if I needed it, but she's the very devil when it comes to my eating patterns. When I stop drinking alcohol she tempts me with "just one glass" and tells me I'm boring sober. When I'm sticking to Weight Watchers she offers me "just one slice of cake" - not once but repeatedly. When I'm detoxing she goes on about "eating disorders". I see her doing it to another friend who's also trying to lose weight - "go on, you deserve it" and so on.

The fact that she's a skinny petite minx who not only can eat constantly, but in fact has to or else she goes peculiar doesn't help. In my darker moods I wonder if she likes us plump so that she is the "hot" one in the group. And she is a hottie and wears lovely skin-tight outfits without making them look slutty. I'm about a head taller than her too, and don't I feel like the Incredible Hulk standing next to her sometimes?!

Ok, rant over.

I am 48 hours into my Juice Fast. It's going so well I'm going to go for another day and see how I feel then! My headache is gone and I have a lot more energy than I did the past 2 days.

Yesterday I had celery, apple, carrot and ginger juice for breakfast, orange juice for lunch, and miso soup for dinner. In between I had over a litre (2 pints) of lemonade made with lemons, limes and maple syrup, and few cups of herbal tea with honey. I also drank 2 litres (4 pints) of water. I was sloshing, I tell you! I put my intake through the Weight Watchers points calculator and came up with 17 points - which is what I generally eat anyway - so my nutrients are right up there. Milord and I also take a daily multi vitamin and a fish oil capsule, so I'm not missing anything.

Today I'll be having the same, except I'm cutting back on the ratio of maple syrup in my lemonade as it was too sweet.

I've lost a little more weight, which I'm chuffed about - now at 71.9kg, my lowest in quite some time! Milord is continuing to skip big dinners although he joins me for the miso soup. He's lost a bit of weight too ;-).

Side effects now: Very wierd dreams... I seem to be spending a lot more time in REM sleep because my body is not trying to cope with heavy food or alcohol. Possible constipation although I don't feel bloated.

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