Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Back on Track

Last week Monday we flew to Brisbane for Milord's mum's funeral. She'd had a premonition that he was going to miss her funeral, so we booked on an early flight just in case, and in fact the flights into Brisbane were delayed by an hour so it was just as well! We landed with plenty of time and caught a taxi to the crematorium where the service was being held at 1pm. It was a glorious day and the 30 or so guests hugged the shade outside the building while waiting to go in. I knew one or two people, so Milord and his sister were able to leave me and meet and greet.

The service was very nice, officiated by the chaplain of the hospital where she died. Milord's sister read the eulogy and his nieces and a couple of their choir-mates sang. Afterwards we all went to a nearby sports club bar for drinks and nibbles, and then we spent the night with friends of m'Lord - Andrew, Jodi and their little girls Sarin and Makenna. On Tuesday we flew out of Brisbane in the morning and got home by midday. We had a quiet afternoon at home, winding down after the past week's events.

Since then we have been getting our lives back on track, restoring our routines and making an effort to be healthy. I gained a kilo and a half during the bereavement, and m'Lord gained 4!

Last weekend was Milord's first one at home in weeks (last weekend he went away on a boy's golf weekend, it was already organised and we felt it would be a good distraction) and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Long sleep-ins, reading the paper in bed with a coffee, a bit of gardening, and a walk along the water to the fish markets for lunch and then home again. We went out to a 40th birthday party on Saturday, but m'Lord went teetotal and I went moderate so it was very civilized and we woke up feeling wonderful on Sunday!

Over the last 7 days Milord has not had any alcohol, and I only had a couple of glasses of wine on Saturday. I've kept within my weight watchers points and he's been very good too. I have lost a kilo to be 72.4 today, and he has lost 5.5kg! We are now just over where we were before our NZ holiday.

We are starting to relax now after many months of having his mum's illness hanging over us. I hadn't realised just how stressed we were until now, it is a like a cloud has lifted. While it is very sad that she is gone, it is a relief that her suffering is over, and that we can begin to move forward with our lives.

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