Saturday, 1 October 2005

Old News - Newsletter October 2005

So, it’s been a few weeks since I last wrote, and plenty is going on. I have sold my house, given notice at work and bought my plane ticket to Sydney! Now comes the waiting part – waiting for the house sale to complete and my 3 months notice to pass. 98 days until I fly…

I was extremely lucky in being able to sell my house within a fortnight of deciding to do so (rent simply wouldn’t cover the mortgage and management company fees, and I need the cash anyway). I mentioned that I was about to sell while in the pub with some workmates, and one of them suddenly said “Ooh, I’m looking to buy!”. He’s a first time buyer still living with his folks, wants to keep 99% of the contents, and will let me stay in the house until I go. We settled on a price that pleases both of us, and I don’t have to pay any agents fees – saves me over £2000! Also, I know he is financially secure as we are in the same dept, so I can confidently proceed with the rest of the plan without waiting for the ink to dry.

I will still be in my house over Xmas, so send me a card ;-). My Mom will be coming to me for Xmas and New Years, and I’m looking forward to having her with me for my last days in the house. She’s already talking of coming out to Oz next year for a holiday!

Last Friday I gave notice at work. They are very sweet about it, saying that they are sad to see me go and the door will always be open if I ever come back. My notice period is 3 months, which takes me right up to Xmas eve, and that’s perfect.

I bought my ticket today, and will be flying out on Friday 6th Jan. The visa thing is proving difficult to organise from here, and the plan now is to go in on a tourist visa, land a contract, and then Milord’s IT recruitment company will sponsor my working visa. Apparently they do this all the time, so I’m trying not to worry about it too much!

All that is left is paperwork and saying goodbye. I am organising a farewell gathering in London in December, and making plans to travel to see those of my mates who live very far away. It’s a funny time – I am sad and excited all at once. I have been so very happy here, and pulling up my roots this time has been much harder than it was when I left SA. But I am going to someone who adores me in a sunny first world country, so how can that be a bad thing!?

I haven’t been up to much else, just catching up with friends and taking it easy. I led a (last) walk for my rambling club, had N and N over for the weekend, and visited I, and N for dinner. I haven’t been in the mood for dancing lately, so I hope K talks me into it next week!

I started series 1 of Lost the other day, and I doubt I’ll see much of the weekend until I finish all 22 episodes! The weather is supposed to be yucky anyway, so curling up in front of the fire for a telly-fest is a good plan ;-).

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