Saturday, 14 August 2004

Old News - Newsletter August 2004

Well, I’m still going out with Zimbo – two months now and still no hyena moments. (For those who don’t know the term, that’s when you wake up next to someone who is lying on your arm, and you realise you’d rather chew your arm off and escape without waking them, than speak to them again) It’s been years since I’ve had a bloke I like this much, so I hope things carry on being good ;-).

It’s been a busy time. I helped Zimbo move at the beginning of July, which was really pants. For some reason it was just the two of us packing boxes and carrying furniture, nothing was prepared, and he only got going late morning Sunday and had to be done by 7pm. We managed, but I was pretty fed up by the end of the day! We survived though! His sister moved in later that night, and got the job of unpacking as I went home to be alone and chill out! The following weekend he and his sister went to Bristol to visit her fella and to go to an air show – I decided not to go as I wasn’t in the mood! Instead I had a completely selfish and restful weekend catching up on reading and gardening.

Around mid July Zimbo and I visited Warwick Castle, which was great fun. They had jousting, with men on horses with lances knocking targets, picking up rings, and actually breaking lances on each other. It was well choreographed, with heroes and villains for the crowd to cheer and boo. Kids got picked out of the crowd to be Lord and Lady, and it was very well done. There was also sword fighting, with kids getting made into knights, and the honour of ladies being defended, and an excellent archery display with longbows. A superb day out. On the way home we stopped at J and D’s in Milton Keynes for dinner. Luckily we both had the next day off, so slept in and then walked 4 miles along the canal to the pub, stayed there in the beer garden for lunch and dinner, and walked home in the twilight.

The weekend after that was busy too. We had a walking club meal out in Windsor on Friday, then seeing as we were already half way to London kept going and got to T and J's at midnight, and chatted for a while over a bottle of wine. Then a lazy start on Sat, headed into London at about 11. We watched a fascinating free drumming show at the Royal Festival hall (v arty but interesting), then had a pimms on the Queen Mary on the river, then ambled into Covent Garden and watched the entertainers for a while. Then into Soho for sushi, and then off to Kenwood House for the Music to Watch Girls By concert. Picnic, wine, music, singing and fireworks - brilliant. Got back to T and J's about 11:30, and started on the whiskey... Sunday was a very slow start, and we pootled home early afternoon and vegged.

The last weekend in July I had a few friends over for a BBQ on Friday, as it was lovely weather. That finished at 2am, and the next day I travelled to Hertford to a house party. T and J were looking after J’s folk’s house, which is huge! 3 stories, half a dozen bedrooms, a couple of bathrooms, formal and informal lounges, and a huge outdoor heated pool. I got there about 2pm on Sat, just as the BBQ was getting going, and ate and drank and swam the day away. Old friends were leaving and arriving all day, and the weather was great. Zimbo got to us in time for a late swim, cheese, biscuits, strawberries and ice cream, then whiskey etc. On Sunday we went for a pub lunch with R and S who live in Hertford, then went back to the house party for another meal and another swim, and got home around 9. That made 4 days in a row of barbequed meat... I’ve put on a bit of weight and have been trying to get back into my diet!

Last weekend we joined friends at the Battle Proms at Highclere Castle on Saturday. That’s an open-air classical concert with cavalry, cannons and fireworks! It was great fun. Sunday was a completely lazy day – we lay in the garden and ate the picnic leftovers in the sun.

So the weekends have been hectic. During the week I’ve been seeing quite a bit of Zimbo too, and have finally gotten used to sharing my space and my bed again. Took a bit of getting used to after most of two years alone! My sleeping pattern and routine and even my working hours are all over the place!

Work is going well. I’ve finished the fun new stuff and am back on maintenance and plug-ins, but it’s still fine. We got our annual bonus the other day, and it was a good one. I have finally paid off my overdraft, and should have enough over to cover upcoming holidays for the rest of the year. I’ve been living a bit beyond my means for the last while, and have to get a grip!

Saturday today, and R and S are on their way to visit and see my little house before they head back to SA for good (wah, another mate gone!). Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and there's a local walk, so we'll probably do that.

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