Thursday, 25 June 2015

Your Royal Fix - iPhone Edition

Every now and then I plug my phone into the computer and a very random collection of pictures downloads!

Let's see...

Every now and then on a Sunday afternoon we will take the kids over to the golf club to get outside for a bit (we don't have much of a backyard so we don't really go outside at home). Sometimes we play with stickers and puzzles and coloring in, and sometimes we watch the kids exploring. It is not a posh golf club, so they don't mind kids around, as long as they are off the actual fairways and greens.

I have no idea why this picture is in my phone, I don't remember taking it and I can't think why it would have been taken. Anyway... lollipops after bathtime.

The other day I was making a cup of tea at work and happened to notice window washers on the high rise opposite. Madness! Also, nice view from our kitchen, right?

King at a birthday party at the local Reptile Zoo. A very cool venue for little boys, with lots of snakes, lizards and frogs to look at. The birthday group was also treated to private show where we all got a chance to look at and touch iguanas, pythons and turtles!

Occasionally I catch the bus home if Milord is unavailable. This was the sunset from the bus the other day on a freezing winter's evening.

Princess has lost her first tooth! It was wobbly for weeks, and I finally plucked it out one Sunday night. That night the Tooth Fairy came and took the tooth and left Princess several chocolate coins. Princess was thrilled.

This is King trying to show me his teeth too. My poor little bloke - he has a missing nerve in his left cheek and so his smiles are super wonky. There is nothing we can do about it. When he grows up he will probably learn to smile with his mouth closed as it looks more "normal". Most people think he pulls this face on purpose...  

The other day I took a walk at lunchtime and found this awesome sculpture. It was a gloomy day so it is hard to make out, but the awning on the building is also a bird!

Sometimes on the weekend Mom and I manage to get out for a walk. Last weekend we did a circuit around Lake Ginninderra - sunny but very cold!

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