Thursday, 13 February 2014

Princess' First Dental Checkup

All is well, she has great teeth and was a real trouper.

Sadly I couldn't take Princess myself - this working nonsense really gets in the way of important stuff - so Mom took her. Mom said the dentist was lovely and gave Princess a chance to examine all the tools first and they even did a little bit of polishing so Princess could get used to things going on in her mouth.

Here's hoping all Princess' checkups forever are as uneventful!

Unlike mine - I am in the middle of getting a crown on a tooth that has disintegrated for the third and final time. *sigh*


janey said...

So different from when I was a child, and one was just thrust into the chair and treated like an adult. Mind you, I don't think it would have helped to see all the instruments first! I have always been terrified of the dentist and made a point of NOT looking at the instruments of torture!!!

Leigh Hamilton said...

She’s not scared, not even a little bit. She did perfectly fine for her first time dental visit. This is great sign she’ll grow up minding her dental and oral health. You said she has great teeth, right? Let’s hope she’ll be able to keep it that way when she grows up. Leigh at Arbor Ridge Family Dental