Friday, 20 September 2013

New Jobs

A new job is a tricky beast. No matter where I've started anew it has always been a learning curve of code, systems and workplace culture.

I've been really struggling with this new job. The code is awful, systems non-existent, and workplace culture a bit uncaring and critical. It got to the point where I couldn't sleep at night and Milord was encouraging me to look for something else.

I work for a bit of a cowboy outfit. The deadlines are completely unrealistic to the point where you almost can't be bothered trying to meet them. There are no team leaders or project managers and therefore no support and no reporting processes. And then, when I need a couple of hours off for a medical test, I get treated like some sort of Gen Y slacker trying to take the piss.

...and it pays badly.

The big boss sat me down for a chat a week ago though and we worked through a few of my issues. I think I've just been spoiled in my last few roles and I am struggling to degrade my expectations and performance to fall in line with the comany's needs.

So I will write nasty uncommented and undocumented get-it-done code to meet my deadlines. I will write my own status reports. I will work without specifications. And I will get the hell out of here after a couple of years before all these bad habits stick.


In other news Mom has been off travelling for almost 2 weeks in her little campervan. She hasn't been able to go too far in case Milord lands a job interview (none yet) but there is lots of coast and mountains not many hours away. Mom has been to the Snowy Mountains and seen snow, and to the coast for a mix of sunshine and wild weather.

Milord has been housedad properly for the first time since I started work. The first week drove him crazy but he seems to be settling into it. He is very much looking forward to Mom coming home and helping him though!

The kids are fine, although Princess counts down to the weekends when I am home all day.

This weekend we hope to get to Floriade, an annual celebration of spring flowers in Canberra. And then I shall send the kids home with Mom and take my man down the pub for a well-deserved piss-up!

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Suzanne said...

I'm sorry the job situation is so horrible. The pollyanna in me says maybe having something current on the resume will help in finding something better?