Saturday, 15 October 2011

Your Royal Fix

Still coping... just. King dislikes being put down to sleep - I'm thinking "Klingon" would be a better nickname right now! When I have a free moment I shower or tidy or sleep. Or give Princess some undivided attention! Luckily she's not upset about King always being on Mummy or Daddy, or screaming in the rocker at my feet if I absolutely must have both hands free.

I am typing this post with King sleeping on my shoulder.

I'm fine in myself by the way. No depression or even baby blues - I had such great support in the first month that it was easier than with Princess, and even now Milord tries to be home in time to pick up the slack by Princess' dinnertime.

King had his 6 week check on Monday, and a set of vaccinations. He is 5.5kg and 56cm tall - he's growing like a weed! He's not off the scale, but I think he might be a big boy.

Rugby World Cup - South Africa vs Australia. The Saffa Oz house gets into the spirit! (For those not following the rugby Australia won. tch. Tomorrow Princess will be wearing gold too)

Milord multitasking - minding Princess in her bath and King in his rocker while on the phone to work!

Mummy's on the floor! Attack!

King in rare happy moment off Mummy.


waterbob said...

Thanks for the fix. The pics are great and brighten my day and lighten the niggles much better than a pill. Enjoy the match - more pics in supporters gear for that as well please.

greytonsal said...

Super photos. The Klingon is growing! By the time he likes his mat he will be off both ends! Glad you are coping - just- it will get better by the time he is 9!! Keep the news coming, it has felt like being in the desert these past couple of weeks, though I know you are more than busy!