Saturday, 17 September 2011

I'm alive

Just very tired! When I get a couple of hours free I go for a nap... how I am going to cope once Mom goes home next week and there is no one to watch the kids during the day I do not know!

King [James] has finally moved from 2 hourly feeds to 3 hourly feeds during the night. This means I can sleep for stretches of 2 hours rather than the single hour I'd been getting... and it makes a world of difference! Last night I got a total of 7 hours broken sleep and actually feel human. When he starts feeding every 4 hours I'll be invincible ;-).

King is starting to be awake for several hours of the day now, and he stares around taking everything in. Princess seems to be quite taken with her baby brother, and asks where he is if she can't see him. She has to kiss him goodnight at bedtime, and likes rocking his bouncer - although we don't leave her with him unattended of course.


waterbob said...

Boytjie is looking great. Must be terrible for him to have Australia lose to Ireland when you have only been a citizen for two-and-a-half weeks. Thinking of you and your forthcoming load, but I am sure you will cope and do it by priorities.

Cait said...

My grace was here yesterday. She said u r a supermom. Love cait