Friday, 31 October 2003

Old News - Newsletter October 2003

Things have been pretty mad since my house purchase went through, and I have spent the last couple of weeks doing DIY with Mom and B. Nothing too major, just repainting and a new kitchen floor, but it is still amazing how much effort it takes! Then there is the packing, dismantling, moving etc. And the buying of furniture… this homemaking is an expensive exercise! It’s a lot of fun having a place that is all my own at last though, and being able to rip up floors or repaint ;-). I am looking into replacing the bathroom too, but that might have to wait until I have some money again! I will be moved in properly from today. My fridge and washing machine came on Tuesday, and my lounge suite comes next week. Lotsa fun! I've chosen a warm bright palette of colours for my little home, and the place feels lovely and cosy, especially as it is well below freezing most nights now.

I am single again. Things went pear-shaped with The Dour Scot in Sicily, and although I managed to make it back without breaking up (a first for me, perhaps) it was definitely on the rocks from that point, and is now over. At least it means I don’t have to go to Edinburgh for his family gathering over xmas, which I was dreading! Speaking of which, is anyone doing anything interesting at Xmas and New Year, as I might be at a loose end?

Apart from bloke difficulties Sicily was great. The weather was hot and humid, and the scenery fantastic. We spent a day walking on lava fields around Etna, and walked on the lip of a couple of craters, which are still smoking! The rest of the time was spent walking up and down mountains. Unfortunately I seem to have wrenched my knee on the first day, and it got progressively more painful with each day’s hike. I ended up only doing 3 walks out of 5, but was quite happy to go off sightseeing instead ;-).

Since then I have had a couple of dinner parties, and have spent some time with D and T who are sadly heading back to SA. We all went to Bath for a weekend, which was lovely as always. T and I have finalized our plans for New Zealand next year, and have bought our tickets for March. Hopefully I will have some funds again by then!

Mom and B are with me again at the moment, while they decide what to do next. They’ll be going to stay with B’s sister soon though, as my new home is a bit too small! In the meantime we’re having lots of fun redecorating ;-)! I get home each night to a pair of creaking and bruised people!

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