Friday, 22 August 2003

Old News - Newsletter August 2003

Guess what? I am actually having an exciting life at the moment! I have a new boyfriend, and I’ve just bought a house.

In order of expense ;-), my new man is The Dour Scot. He’s 37, Scottish, an IT project manager, lives and works in Bracknell (where I currently live), has his own home and car, is just under 6 foot, blondish and blue eyed, and has a lovely strong chin. Nice bum too. But that might be more than enough info for now… We met on the walking weekend I went on recently. He’s a member of my hiking club, which is great, but not into peak bagging, which is greater. Finally, someone who walks at my level! We really seemed to click on the weekend, and since then have got along like a house on fire. This could be the real thing – hold thumbs for me!

And the house… for those of you in SA it’s not really a house, because it is attached to others. It’s something they call a back-to-back terrace, where you have a quarter of a building. I have a strip of front garden open to the road outside the lounge (where I can have flowers and bird table), and a piece of back garden which is fenced off on its own and reached down a short alley (for braais and sunbathing). On the ground floor I have a small but airy lounge with a gas fireplace, and a little kitchen with a tiny breakfast bar. On the first floor is the bathroom and bedroom with built in cupboards. All rooms face west, so I’ll get afternoon sun. It’s a lot less than I am now renting, but at least I will get onto the property ladder. In a few years time I may be able to afford something bigger. My monthly expenses will hopefully drop in the meantime, as my current rent is barely affordable.

The house is in a village called Thatcham, which is west of Reading. It’s on the same train line as my workplace in Theale, and I will be able to walk to the station. There is a direct train to London Paddington, and it is a fast trip to Reading too. It’s also right next to the Kennet and Avon Canal, so I might be able to cycle along it to work when the mood takes me (once a summer). The village centre is walkable, and has some lovely old houses and a flint church, and a good selection of shops and pubs. I have bought in a newish area, so it’s very quiet and residential, but not too many kids in my street as the houses are small.

What else? Work is incredibly boring, as we are testing and installing at the client. I have made the mistake of writing no bugs in my software, so now I have nothing but documentation to do until we start new work. Bleah.

I have not been exercising much lately, as we had a bit of a heatwave (broke the UK record of 37deg or something). I am hiking more than usual though ;-). The diet is all over the place as my social life picks up, but I lost 2kg on the walking weekend and have been holding steady since – I am now 2kg off my goal weight! I started a jigsaw a couple of weeks ago, and haven’t touched it since, or watched any TV. The moment I get some free time I will have a bash at sketching again… or try and finish the book I started over a week ago.

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