Friday, 13 December 2002

Old News - Newsletter December 2002

My company informed my department yesterday that we are going to be made redundant on the 31st of Jan 2003. Since they acquired us at the beginning of the year we have failed to make a profit, and so they are disbanding as much as possible. It's not really a surprise, but it is a shock! I was expecting to get no bonus or increase, but to lose my job is a bit much!

I'm still a bit stunned and it almost doesn't seem real...

The job market is terrible, and the Dec/Jan period is the worst time of the year to be looking for work (if anyone knows of a job going, please let me know), so I don't expect to find anything soon. So I am cutting back expenditure as far as possible, as I'm sure you can imagine, so you won't be seeing much of me!

I will be getting some kind of redundancy package, which I hope will keep me in my home until mid-March when my lease ends (there's a couple of nasty clauses which make breaking it undesirable). After that I am going to be looking for floors to crash on, but I'll be picking on people closer to the time!

I'm glad I had the chance to go to SA and spoil everyone, and I'm glad I've already bought all my xmas presents! Luckily I hadn't actually booked any of the planned holidays for next year yet!

This is probably for the best, as I was hating my job and only holding on until the market improved. Now I have no excuse not to get out there and sell myself!

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