Monday, 20 May 2002

Old News - Newsletter May 2002

I’ve been very quiet lately, but then I haven’t been up to much. I am still in my selfish pampering post-break-up hibernation state, which is how I deal with this kind of stuff. It seems to be working for me anyway, as each week is better then the last, and I’ve actually been kind of happy lately! I also got tired of people telling me to ‘get over it already’, so I just avoided everyone for a bit! I guess I take a little longer than most to bounce back.

Other than that things are going ok. Mountain Man and I are making friends again, which is nice. Having been great mates with someone for over 10 years it was very sad to stop talking. We went for a lovely long walk along the Thames from Putney to Barnes yesterday (absolutely stunning), and had a good heart-to-heart about stuff. We are both still very relieved to be out of our relationship, and it looks like we will be able to save the friendship too.

As you may know, Mountain Man has had a job offer, which has cheered both of us up. They are still working out the visa red tape, but he hopes to get the go ahead this week. It will be a huge weight off my shoulders too, as I was panicking about getting stuck with the whole rent!

My job is less than brilliant still. I am waiting for my new projects to come up to speed, as they are still in the planning phase, which I am not involved in. This new company does things by the book, which means you need half a forest of documentation before touching a keyboard. The same goes for maintenance of old projects. So I have practically nothing to do, and that which I do have I am eking out as long as possible! Ah well, at least I have a job. ;-)

I haven't quite got myself back into society, but I have great plans! Painting workshops, cookery weekends, rambling clubs... all quite exciting. I want to meet a whole new sphere of people, whose idea of a great time involves more than drinking themselves silly and then going raving. Grown-ups, I think they are called!

I've joined a gym in Bracknell, and so I am starting to shed the kilos I piled on after our break-up. Far too much comfort eating (and drinking!) has been going on, and my clothes are way too tight! It is nice to be getting back into an exercise routine.

So, my Bridget Jones ratio is in balance: out of lovelife, job and weight, only 2 (sometimes fewer) of the 3 can ever be under control at any one time!

My little rustbucket is in for repairs to the radiator, and I have realised just how much I have come to rely on it already! Getting to the gym, doing a decent grocery shop, and popping out to visit people has become so difficult! Just getting to work takes half an hour longer, stuck in a carriage with germ-factories sniffing and coughing. Eeeeuuuuw. On the up side, all the walking again has to help my weight-loss!

That’s about it. I am off to see star wars tonight, which I have been looking forward to! So, may the force be with you!

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