Saturday, 2 June 2001

Old News - Newsletter June 2001

I see it’s been a few weeks since I last wrote – things have been very busy over here. I am pretty much settled in to my new job. I’ve been moved on to a brand new project, with incredibly stupid deadlines – but that seems to be the norm in the IT market. It’s rather nice to be working from scratch after a couple of years of inherited code though! So I’m very busy and the days fly by.

Mountain Man and I are being reasonably good about going to gym a couple of times per week too, which makes the evenings very late. On the nights we don’t gym we usually seem to end up meeting friends for drinks or dinner – I can’t remember the last time I had a cooked meal at home! Real yuppie lifestyle at the moment… We’re feeling quite perky with it though – maybe because of the gyming. Not much weight loss happening unfortunately, but I’m hoping it’s because the flab is converting straight to muscle (wishful thinking). Desperately trying to get bikini-ready before we go to Provence in 3 weeks. A very long awaited summer holiday at last – I can’t wait for a week in the sun!

Last weekend was another long one, and we took the Tuesday off too and went away to Wales with J and T. In typical fashion it rained for 3 days out of 4, but the Tuesday was stunning although chilly, and I got a bit sunburnt. We got a lot of reading and videos done, and J took us on a few misty drives around the coast. We managed to have a couple of braais on the patio overlooking the bay, and otherwise patronised the local pubs and restaurants. It was a lovely restful weekend, although we didn’t get much sleep and got home feeling a bit weary – might catch up next weekend!

My Mom is arriving in 2 weeks, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her. She and A are coming over for about a year, looking for a housekeeper/handyman post on an estate somewhere. I hope they find one in England so that I can easily visit!

A nice quiet weekend planned now, and I hope to catch up on some rest!

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