Thursday, 19 April 2001

Old News - Newsletter April 2001

Hi all

Sorry I've been so quiet, but I have to use an internet cafe at the moment, and I always seem to have someone with a streaming cold next to me, so I get out as fast as possible. Today the bird next to me is sneezing and coughing up a storm - lovely!

Our Easter weekend was great - we arranged at the last moment to join friends on a trip to Ireland. We had a superb time - wierd ferry crossing times notwithstanding, and saw a lot of Southern Ireland. It was stunning, and we had a balmy days followed by wet and chilly ones - so we had all seasons in one weekend. We're all very keen on going again sometime.

I started job hunting yesterday, and have a couple of possibilities lined up. Not perfect, but we shall see. One involves shiftwork - 8 hour shifts rotating - which I am not convinced about - but it's close and is offering a LOT of money. The other is in Bracknell, and takes about as long to get to as my last job... they also want to pay little money so I'm not terribly interested. Will keep you posted if I get to the interview stage.

Hmmm, what else? I have run out of money, so can't do any more decorating at the moment. I had fun moving seedlings around this morning though.

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