Friday, 9 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the radio silence. Deadlines and too much overtime sapped me completely.

We had a wonderful Christmas break. 4 days at home over Christmas and then a week at the coast. Christmas was just us at home with pressies and too much food. New Years Eve we were asleep by 10, woken briefly by fireworks at midnight, and then again by some idiot setting theirs off at 4am! The kids (and the fucking kookaburras!) get up at dawn no matter what, so you learn to sleep when you can.

The kids loved the beach - we all did. Lots of sand and sea and sunshine and white wine spritzers. It is good to be home though. The kids were exhausted - they shared a room and stayed up late every night playing. King slept 12 hours straight the first night we were home!

Next year we hope to get a place with a pool too and perhaps stay an extra week. That's if we get more money, anyway!

Work has been mental. I've been working long 6-day weeks for months now. It is a killer project, but the skills I am getting (I'm a Team Lead on it) will be great on my CV. I plan to shop around over the next couple of months to see what is out there, then either leave or ask for a monster raise. I would love to go contracting again...

Milord is in the process of negotiating a big raise at his place. If we both get raises then we can start paying off the principal on the mortgage for the first time in years! And plan better holidays - why else do we work? Oh, and better schools LOL

On that subject Princess will be starting Big School in February and is very excited. She looks so cute in her first school uniform!

I probably have lots of stuff to tell you since October, but if I wait to write them down it'll never happen!

The whole household is now doing a booze-free stint. Day 4 and I feel like crap: tired, fuzzy, achey, spotty and sleeping badly. Hopefully this will settle down soon!

A holiday Royal Fix: