Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Taking Charge

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned I work for a cowboy outfit.

Minimal specs, insane deadlines, and no project management. Pretty normal for a starter job - I had several like this in my 20s - but a real annoyance once you've reached a certain level of seniority and experience. My last job before having the kids was at a big Bank working on a sharetrading system, and I got very spoiled by the amount of structure and communication and decent management.

Recently the boss decided to take a better approach to our development cycles. We actually break our work into tasks, prioritise, and commit to delivering certain functionality to the test team each week. This helps the testers prepare in advance, and therefore the testing happens faster too.

It's not ideal - the boss has tasked the business analysts to manage what really ought to be handled by a project manager, and we still don't have a team leader to keep people on track and to be the voice of the project.

Until now.

I have appointed myself the unofficial Team Leader for my project. I assign bugs, review tasks, and raise concerns for my team. I schedule our releases to Testing and chase the team to have their tasks completed, and I chase our deployment guys to get the release out in a timely fashion.

It was a role that needed filling and I think I am making things easier for my team, and of course for the boss.

I guess I'm earning that pay rise!