Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I got a job!

I got a job! I got a job! I got a job!

I interviewed for another job in Canberra last week, but I was so crushed by my last rejection that I couldn't even blog about this one. It is for a nice medium sized software house who deal with mainly government software stuff (Canberra is the capital of Australia and the seat of government). I liked the look and feel of the place, and the blokes who interviewed me were lovely. I reckon I fluffed most of the technical questions, but got by on the strength of my CV and my purely divine personality. LOL.

They did tell me that some candidates were better qualified, but that I was a "better fit". I do love landing a job on mainly persona!

This is probably not the time to mention I was hungover as all hell on interview day - my Irish Canberra buddies are a bit mad ;-)

The money is not so hot, as I had to aim myself at the lower end of the spectrum to get a look in. In six months to a year we should be able to renegotiate - they told me in the interview that they believe in incentives and rewards and they will be open to offering more money to keep me if I make it worthwhile.

I start on Monday!

I'll be crashing with friends in Canberra for a few weeks while I find my feet and look for a rental for the family (I do not intend to be hungover on my first day). In the meantime Milord and Mom will be frantically getting our little Sydney house ready to let. Tomorrow I'll be shopping for a little runabout car to supplement the people-carrier.

It is all systems go!

Milord still needs to find work too for us to get by properly, but at least he can now focus on Canberra.


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Box Monsters!

I am still very annoyed and tired and blue and cranky. I just want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head and stay there and eat chocolate and drink vodka. But I have 2 small kids so I don't.

On a lighter note: Box Monsters!!!

Monday, 15 July 2013

No Job

I didn't get the Canberra job. After nearly a week of dicking me around they decided "not to proceed with my application".

I am extremely fucked off.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

First Impressions of Canberra

I am almost sure of a job in Canberra, so we may be moving there very shortly. Canberra was purpose-built 100 years ago to be the capital city of Australia. These are my first impressions during the 2 days I was there interviewing:

Very dry and sunny and extremely cold - think of a Highveld winter. Frost and brown lawns under a clear pale sky. I know that in summer it gets very hot - we will need central heating and aircon in the house we choose.

Lots of space. Large properties and wide streets. Cycle lanes everywhere.

Not much traffic. The morning rush in the city centre was less than we get in my current suburb!

My friends who live in Canberra find the place a bit sterile and miss the big-city buzz of places like Sydney or London. With 2 small kids I don't exactly experience the buzz of Sydney anymore anyway, so I don't think this will be a problem!

The people seemed friendlier than in Sydney. Perhaps the slower pace lets people connect more.

I like the way the city is planned around lakes and museums.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

On the cusp

So, on Wednesday I interviewed for a job in Canberra. I caught the Greyhound coach there the day before and stayed with friends in town. My interview went very well, and I walked out feeling that I'd aced it!

A little later the agent rang me to say they liked me, but had to get approval from the CEO before they could make me an offer. So I waited.

On Thursday the agent contacted me to get personal references from my old team members at the Big Bank I used to work in. This took a bit of doing, as I last worked there nearly 4 years ago and I haven't really stayed in touch with those people! After hours of tracking folk down I was able to give the agent 2 referees. Then I waited.

On Friday I rang the agent to see what was happening. It seems the client has been a bit busy and hasn't even looked at the references yet! Maybe he'll get to them on Monday. So I'm waiting.

I am so stressed!

Until I receive and accept a job offer I haven't landed the job.
Until I land the job I can't househunt for a place for us in Canberra.
Until I have a house I can't look for daycare for the kids.
Until all that is sorted we can't move out and let our current house in Sydney.
Until we are settled in Canberra Milord can't really look for work for himself.

I am grumpy and tired and restless when I should be thrilled and excited and energised.

Bugger it.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Light getting closer...

I have made it past the online technical test, and now am lined up for a face-to-face interview with the employer on Wednesday! Wish me luck ;-)

Sunday, 7 July 2013

More light...?

I am halfway through the interview process for a job in Canberra... wish me luck!

Milord's job is still hovering in the wings, although the company is even talking about opening a branch in Canberra - this could be meant to be. We shall see ;-)