Saturday, 20 April 2013



So, being a stay at home mom seems to be unattractive to prospective employers... Which, sure, fair enough, I wouldn't like to be a development manager trying to rationalise to my stakeholders either: "She used to be first class, but hasn't worked in years. We can train her of course, or we can just employ this up-to-speed person instead."

I have been seriously looking for work for 2 months now. Maybe more. Something must be done.

Next week I am doing a 3 day course in the sexiest sector of my skillset. After I finish I should be able to step out in pride and command my worth!

Holding thumbs....

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Your Royal Fix

No jobs yet, although I am getting quite a few phone calls in response to my applications and have a potential interview on Friday. Perhaps that is why I am wide awake at 1am... while I have confidence in my skills and I interview quite well, I still find the whole experience nerve wracking!

King and Princess are in daycare on Mondays and Fridays now, and as places become available on the other days I will snap them up. Princess still has Kindy on Wednesdays and Thursdays during school terms, but their opening hours (9am to 3pm) just aren't possible once I am working full time.

Yesterday was the kid's first day in daycare. They both did really well, thank goodness! I have found a place within walking distance of home so it is easy to walk them both there pushing the pram, leave the pram and jump on a bus to the city. Then do the pickup in reverse at the end of the day.

Mom will be looking after the kids on the other days of the week. And Milord of course, while he is still job hunting!

It is 2 weeks since Princess' eye surgery and her eyes are still straight. The redness is healing up nicely. So far so good!


Paddling pools.



Daddy's hat!

Mummy's shoes!


Show me your eyes, baby. Ooooh!

Post-nap snuggles.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Beach Babies!

We don't go to the beach much. Too hot, too sandy, too far etc etc.

Over the Easter Weekend we made an effort on a not-too-hot day and found a lovely beach not too far away. It is a "harbour" beach as opposed to an "ocean" beach. This means it's almost a lagoon and there is no surf and it's a little warmer than the outer water.

No one wanted to leave at King's naptime, and we shall be back as soon as Princess' eyes have healed up a bit more.


Friday, 5 April 2013

Squint Surgery Take 2

Still no jobs. We are officially running on our credit cards now and will be talking to the bank about pausing the mortgage. I am over my rage and settled into a numb acceptance.

Milord is applying for loads of jobs now. I should be, but I have been very distracted by Princess' second round of squint surgery.

Back in November Princess had surgery to correct her cross-eyed squint, but by December her eyes were beginning to wander into a wall-eyed thing. Turns out her brain didn't get the message to keep the eyes straight, but instead uses one at a time and the one not in use wanders off outward.

It looks awful!

The doctor hasn't seen this before - it is a very rare result. It may be related to Princess' overall low muscle tone and gross motor delays, they don't know.

However, the only available solution is to now weaken the outer muscles of her eyes and hope the brain locks on to both eyes while they are straight. Or if not maybe Princess' eyes will drift inward rather than outward which is far less disturbing to look at.



Heading into theatre. Poor Princess went to pieces at this point. I had to hold a struggling screaming little girl while they gassed her to sleep. Not. Fun.

Recovery. Princess slept on me for ages while coming around from surgery.

After. Straight eyes! Please please please stay like this!

Since Princess' surgery I have been sleeping like a dead thing. I think I was more stressed than I knew - and I knew I was stressed!

Now I can concentrate on getting a job. Bring it on!

Another Uncle Gone

Another of my Dad's brother's, the youngest, succumbed to cancer today.

He has had a long tough battle, and I hope he is in a better place, perhaps with 3 older brothers to laugh with.

His family certainly is not in a good place right now. My heart goes out to them. It has been a tough couple of years for us all.