Thursday, 31 May 2012

Your Royal Fix

We all enjoy the new daybed ;-)

King's new teeth are all through and he is happy to sit on the floor again or do tummy time. He's thinking about crawling - he's at the inching-backward-while-trying-to-go-forward stage. When we put him down on his front he automatically goes to hands and knees for a second, so hopefully he'll get the hang of it.

King still doesn't like being spoon-fed, but he can now handle lumps of stuff and today had his first vegemite sandwich morsels which went down a treat! I may try him on big chunks of banana and pumpkin to gnaw on, as self-feeding is definitely his thing.

Princess' walking continues to improve slowly. Standing still is obviously a very advanced skill, and usually if she encounters an unexpected obstacle or another rocketing kid she has to fall down to deal with it. Today during dancetime at playgroup Princess managed to halt momentarily to avoid the others a few times, and provided they didn't actually bump into her she was able to stay upright and keep going! This is a huge improvement!

Princess has mastered spoon feeding herself porridge in the mornings now. I imagine most kids can do this at her age, but I'd chosen to skip the mess until she had enough control to do it properly! Most days she doesn't mess at all. Awesome.

Hmm, what else? Princess can count to 100 with a little help when she gets to each new set of ten (30, 40, 50 etc). Then she'll gleefully continue "Firty-One! Firty-Two! Firty-Free!". She's a right chatterbox and we have just moved from the "What" questions to the "Why" questions. Good fun.

Oops, someone is awake - gotta go!

New Back Yard!

From this...

To this...

Milord has fancied a Balinese-style daybed since his first honeymoon there many years ago, so now we have one dominating the space! The kids and I have spent a lot of time playing on it already.

While there is still a lot of finishing off and tidying to do (and there ought to be a lot more cushions etc on the daybed) the area is now mostly kid-safe. Princess loves being able to potter around outside, kicking a ball or scooting on her bike.

I can't wait to have friends around to christen the barbie - it has been years since we were able to entertain outside!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Still Here

Just not really in the mood. Lots going on though!

King has 4 top teeth appearing together! This may explain why he has been a bit... clingy... lately. He is such a happy baby that his discomfort only manifested as an unwillingness to be put down on the floor to sit or do tummy time. He was only happy on someone, or moving in the pram, or in his bouncer - not unlike when he was a lot littler (and at 11.5kg he isn't that little any more!). Now that I can see all 4 top incisors breaking through he is once again happy to sit and play with toys or do limited tummy time.

He is nearly 9 months old and showing no signs of crawling... of course not letting us put him on the floor for the past few weeks hasn't helped!

Princess' walking is coming along very slowly. The physio has finally talked me into going back to the specialist pediatrician because she is still so wobbly... which meant I had to go through with the urine and blood tests he wanted. The urine was fine - she hit the cup first try clever girl. The blood though. OMG. By the end (the doc wanted 5 tests, which means 5 vials of blood) both nurses and I were just about in tears too, as each vial obviously hurt and Princess was howling "Ow!" "That's sore!" between heart-wrenching sobs and wails as we held her down. King was oblivious to his sister's distress though.

Luckily I'd thought to take along special Winnie The Pooh plasters and a handful of jelly beans, and she got over it pretty quickly.

As for myself, I am finally fed up with being blobby and have rejoined Weightwatchers. They have changed things a lot since I was last a member and it's a lot better. All fruit and most veg are "free", so you can snack on them to your heart's content. Conversely other foods, and especially alcohol, are much more "expensive" in terms of points. Plus you can't carry points over from day to day, so no starving all week to allow a binge on the weekend! There is a weekly "extra allowance" though to cover the finer things in life, so I can have a couple of glasses of wine on the weekend.

It makes a nice change to have to search for more food to eat in my plan, rather than trying to cut food out like before. I've actually lost 1kg in 2 days since starting, but I was obviously bloated - there is no way I can have lost body fat yet!

Stopping wine every night and stopping eating all Princess' leftovers has got to help anyway! Anyway, my weight today was 74.5kg. My first goal is 70kg - my wedding weight - and then I'll see how I get on.

Milord has stopped Lite n Easy as it gets jolly boring after a year! His clothes are a bit tight, but my much lighter evening meals have got to help!

We almost have a back yard! It is fully decked over, with bench seating and bbq and a daybed. Lots of things need finishing off though and we are once again out of money, but it is looking great. Princess loves being able to go outside and play, although I still have to supervise her closely as there are tools lying around.

There is more to tell I'm sure, but if I don't post this now I don't know when I'll get back to it...

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Your Royal Fix

I don't think I've mentioned it, but while Princess was pretty much ok with me being gone for 2 weeks she did have Milord and the Nanny wrapped around her little finger while I was gone!

Princess totally refused to walk or to to use the toilet (only the potty) while I was away. I sorted out the toilet thing within half a day (I'm not dealing with dirty potties if I don't need to! Luckily she can't get down once plonked up there, so had to stay no matter how much she complained until her business was done) and I worked really hard on getting the walking thing back up to speed too.

It took a day or two for Princess to get steady again, as after 2 weeks of only crawling she was a bit wobbly, but then we were back to where we'd been. I make a point of walking somewhere every day, even if it's just around the shops, and Princess holds onto the pram or my hand.

A few days ago Princess let go of the pram while I was paying for something and started to wander off! This is a first for us, and a harbinger of things to come, no doubt. So then I decided she was probably ready to walk 50m to the park unaided... and she did so perfectly! A bit like a clockwork toy, but no tumbles, and she was so chuffed with herself that she just kept on going around and through the park for ages. That was Friday, and we did the same on Saturday and Sunday too.

I have a walking Princess! At 2 years 8 months she is finally up and away! I imagine I'll be less thrilled about this shortly, but right now I'm over the moon.

Here is Princess being a Fairy. She has to have her wings and wand to watch the The Fairies tv show ;-)

Fairy Dancing.

Why yes, Cinderella, you shall go to the ball! (Either that or she's trying to turn him into something?)

While we were away King made a couple of giant strides of his own... he mastered sitting and started eating solids!

She is trying to kiss him and he is trying to grab her - the day he gets it right we're going to have trouble!

Who me? Butter wouldn't melt...

King may have started solids but so far he only really likes biscuits. He won't open up for mush, but bigger bits of banana and avocado etc make him gag and throw up. I have decided that nomming on biscuits is just fine! He'll get to the rest when he is ready... I do try him with other food every so often, then mop up the vomit and hand him a biscuit. It's not like he's wasting away!

Biscuit mmm!

This was from this morning in the park. Funny how when I lived in the UK 15C was a nice balmy day, and here I have to really wrap us up because it's cold!

And a couple of random shots of Princess at the top of the slide, disappearing into the distance, and playing with the iPad.