Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

We are having a lovely quiet Christmas Day. Santa brought biltong which goes very nicely with champagne... It is sunny and breezy and warm, the Greeks next door are barbequing and playing their music and we could be on holiday in the Greek Isles.

This morning Princess woke to a heap of presents under the tree and by the fifth one totally had the hang of ripping wrapping paper. She even got to unwrap the pressies for King, Milord and me, and was very gracious about passing along the contents after a little testing.

We have skyped all the family around the world who have broadband, and I'll ring my sis in South Africa once it is morning there. I am a new skype convert - my Mom and my Dad and my SIL were all able to chat and watch us open presents almost as if they were here.

The ballerina dress is from my SIL. It is glittery. So are we now. So is the house.

Christmas dinner will be timed for about 5pm, which is Princess' dinnertime and we will all eat together - should be fun, we never eat dinner together! I'm doing roast chicken with a red wine and rosemary jus, roast baby potatoes and roast sweet potato, brussels sprouts and carrots. yum.

May you have a wonderful time with people you love over Christmas too.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Your Royal Fix

Where'd the last 3 weeks go?

I've been a bit blah. The Groundhog-Day thing of babies and housework sometimes gets me down, and while I'm enjoying Christmas for Princess' sake it does make normal shopping stressful. Plus schools are out so everywhere is full of big kids who don't take care around toddlers, and the usual toddler activities are suspended until the new school year so we're stuck at home. Friends are busy and family is distant, husbands snore in the few hours of the night I am allowed to sleep, and it keeps raining.

Bah Humbug.

Actually things are pretty good. Princess is bright, articulate and funny, and King sleeps an 8 hour stretch most nights and is full of endearingly wonky smiles. Milord and I are rubbing along fine.

My kids have only 2 (much older) cousins, which is a shame as I have oodles of cousins close to my age and it's great. On the upside all my cousins are currently having kids so Princess and King have lots of second cousins their age. 21-year-old Cousin A was in Sydney (from Brisbane) for work experience for a couple of days and dropped by for dinner. She's lovely:

And this is 14-year-old Cousin S who was in town a few months back and stayed over for a night. She lovely too, just rather... 14... and nearly got a clip round the earhole from me when she got cranky with my toddler:

You wouldn't think they're related would you? Milord's sister married a man of Italian descent and their girls have taken those genes, while my kids are so fair they're practically translucent!

I put up the Christmas tree the other day, with a little "help" from Princess! She's pretty good with it especially now that I've shown her how to take the ornaments off without breaking them...

King watches us in bemusement...

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The King

King is 3 months old. He's usually a really cheerful little chap and has started happily cooing and gurgling to us. I have a feeling he's going to be as vocal as his sister!

He's a big lad. He weighed 7kg and was 63cm tall a week or so ago, which puts him at the 90th percentile of the "normal" range. At the same age Princess was 5.5kg.

Most nights King settles around 9pm and only wakes once for a feed. His day naps don't have much of a pattern, but this could be because Princess' needs often come first so we are out and about a fair bit. Luckily King loves being out and moving in the car/pram/carrier! He sleeps or watches the world go by.

King adores his Big Sister. Which is a good thing because she enjoys stroking his head and "kissing" him (touching noses is how she kisses us).

Our only concern is his wonky mouth... When he was born we were told he had a skew jaw from how he'd been lying inside me, and it'd come right. 2 months later it still hadn't, so I went back to the pediatrician. Now it seems King may be missing the nerve that controls the cheek muscles on one side... so when he cries or smiles his mouth doesn't pull back on the left. He also has no dimple or nose-to-mouth grooves on that side.

(I've been told to document his facial movements when crying and smiling to see if there is change - I don't usually photo my kids crying!)

The bad news is that it won't get better.

The good news is that it won't affect his speech or eating, and someday we could try a surgical workaround. It's also not as bad as it could be - he can close his eye and furrow his brow and he does smile a little on the left...

Isn't that a gorgeous smile? How much more gorgeous would it be if it wasn't wonky?

*sigh* I shall just have to get over myself and accept that my boy has a skew smile. Yes yes whatever, but my child shouldn't be wonky!

Friday, 2 December 2011

I'm being tested!

Things you don't really want to happen when you are handling your kids solo:

1. Princess doing a huge poo in the bath. Even though I was in the bathroom I was busy with King and didn't notice until the water was all brown. And she was drinking it! *shudder* I hate potty training.

2. A huge wasp invades the living room (I'm allergic to bees and terrified of wasps). Turns out it was after the enormous spider!!! Luckily both kids were elsewhere... I drenched the spider in bugspray (I think it was already paralysed, but I wasn't taking any chances) and then emptied half a tin towards the wasp who thankfully flew out the door. Then I flicked the spider out too. I hope the wasp doesn't come back looking for it! (Hey cuz, I thought of you - remember when I stayed over and your fella was out and we dealt with a great big spider?!)

3. King stops settling at 9pm and instead screams until 10:30pm. Then wakes twice in the night instead of once. Then does a huge poo at dawn so only goes back to sleep as Princess wakes up. God I'm tired.

2 nights to go... heeeeelp!