Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Your Royal Fix

I'd better blog a couple of things before another week flashes by!

My Mom went home on Saturday, and it's a whole different ball game without her help! Plus I miss her horribly anyway... even Milord was sad to see her go - praise indeed from a son-in-law.

King was 4 weeks old on Monday and 4.4kg. That's a gain of over 1.5kg since we came home! He's a right greedy guts. My boobs are no longer keeping up so he gets a couple of extra bottles a day too now. Thank heavens for formula - we'd both be very unhappy otherwise. He's plumped out beautifully!

He's a "good" baby apart from needing to eat quite often (and OMG the poo! What goes in must come out...). During the day he can be a bit needy and doesn't like being put down, but once he settles in the evening he's a good sleeper. He wakes about every 3 hours for a feed but these are getting faster and he goes right back to sleep so it's not too onerous. I'm getting about 6 hours of broken sleep, which could be worse.

Princess is still not jealous, which is amazing because she doesn't see me without King much! We've had to get used to having him scream a bit while I get on with things - otherwise Princess and I would still be starving in our PJs at midday!

Princess is now 13.2kg by the way, which is bang on average.

Princess has started walking! She'll go for miles holding on with one hand, and has begun launching between someone and the couch with Smarties for encouragement.


I can only credit Mom with this achievement, plus she half potty trained Princess too! I'll continue her good work once I don't have a baby attached constantly...

Right, let's see if I can steal a nap before one of my kids wakes up!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

I'm alive

Just very tired! When I get a couple of hours free I go for a nap... how I am going to cope once Mom goes home next week and there is no one to watch the kids during the day I do not know!

King [James] has finally moved from 2 hourly feeds to 3 hourly feeds during the night. This means I can sleep for stretches of 2 hours rather than the single hour I'd been getting... and it makes a world of difference! Last night I got a total of 7 hours broken sleep and actually feel human. When he starts feeding every 4 hours I'll be invincible ;-).

King is starting to be awake for several hours of the day now, and he stares around taking everything in. Princess seems to be quite taken with her baby brother, and asks where he is if she can't see him. She has to kiss him goodnight at bedtime, and likes rocking his bouncer - although we don't leave her with him unattended of course.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Some photos of ...

The King? The Duke? The Usurper? His Highness? Il Duce?