Monday, 30 May 2011

Your Princess Fix

Just a quick look at my budding artist. Who is way more interested in eating the paint and crayons than anything else!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

26 Weeks - Third Trimester!

This is a milestone I've been waiting for! Now it feels like the light is at the end of the tunnel... of course physically things are going to get a lot harder now, but it's nice knowing we'll be meeting our son in just 3 months time.

One of Milord's cousins had a baby girl last week and I visited on Monday. I always forget how little newborn babies are! And how much work - the cousin looks absolutely shattered. Breastfeeding is fab, but no one else can do it for you so you never get a break to catch up on sleep... and of course the baby only howls at night. The cousin was relieved to hear that Princess had been exactly the same, as they never mentioned in the "Sleep and Settling" class that sometimes nothing works! The hubbie is unable to take leave, which is a shame, but at least her sister and mum are able to be on hand.

I took over a couple of meals (Thai Chicken soup and a loaf of fresh bread, and 2 portions of Milord's awesome Hungarian Goulash with boiled new potatoes and steamed veg) for her to pop in the fridge. When Princess was new the hardest thing in the world was organising dinner, and I hate takeout, so a decent meal that just needed heating through was the bees knees.

I'm assuming that the newborn phase is going to be a whole lot easier next time, if only because it's not going to be a shock! Of course I'll have Princess to deal with which is a whole new variable, but my mum should be here for a month and Milord's leave is pretty flexible.

The pregnancy is going swimmingly. I tend to forget I'm pregnant half the time until someone uses my bladder as a punchbag, or I realise Princess is draped strangely over the bump when we read a book.

Weight at conception: 74.5kg
Weight at 26 weeks: 74kg
Loss/Gain since last post: 0.5kg
Total Loss/Gain: -0.5kg

I'm still lighter than when I fell pregnant. Hopefully once Zeus arrives I will be too busy to put the weight on again. It does help that Princess absolutely has to share anything I am eating, so when she's around I only snack on fruit!

PS. Thanks to everyone saying I look good! I certainly don't feel thin with this bump... the other day I had to move my car to another carspace because I couldn't squeeze out of the door gap I had (it was a bit tight). Being such a hard, firm bump nothing happens when I "suck it in"! And Milord doesn't do compliments to pregnant women, because all he can see is the Belleh.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


...of the bump and of Princess... don't you adore her oversized PJs and bunny slippers?!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

24 Weeks fact nearly 25 weeks. In a week and a bit I'll be at 26 weeks and into the Third Trimester countdown. I'm looking forward it sort of - I have a list of things I want to start doing in the Third Trimester like the prenatal exercise DVDs that are gathering dust, and the raspberry leaf tea, and collecting and organising baby boy clothes and blankets and wraps, and finding my nursing pillow and breast pump and stuff.

Nesting I suppose you might call it! There is no reason I can't do this stuff now, except that the Third Trimester feels less jinxy... I don't think you ever stop worrying about the pregnancy until the baby is safely out. And then you get to worry about the baby forever!

I'm very well. I'm less tired than I have been, although my bump is starting to affect my life. I now sleep with a body pillow, which is very comfy because it counters the belly-weight, but it also means I don't move for hours at a time and wake up very achy! I can no longer sleep on my front, which I miss a lot, and I'm not supposed to sleep on my back because the baby weight constricts major arteries, so I roll from side to side every couple of hours when I wake up to wee.

Oh yes, the weeing every couple of hours has arrived too. Day trips are planned around toilet availability, and several park visits have been cut short because "Mummy needs to go home for a wee"!

The way I play with Princess is getting gentler all the time - I don't have the core muscles to rough and tumble properly anymore. Riding my hip is more like riding my bump, and getting up off the floor is getting harder, especially if Princess is in my arms!

Weight: 73.5kg

I am the exact same weight that I was at 24 weeks with Princess! Amazing.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day!

It is my second Mother's Day!

Milord spoiled me by letting me read my book in bed with a coffee while he got up with Princess, then he took her to the shops and came home with croissants and flowers. He also picked up Asian chicken rolls for lunch and has prepared us a Hungarian goulash which is now simmering in the slow cooker... it smells awesome.

In the afternoon we all went to the park and played around for a bit. In a little while Princess will have her dinner and bath and then it's bedtime.

It's been a lovely lazy day!

Yes, her fringe is in her eyes but she won't wear a hairclip and I don't want to cut it! Oh well...

Monday, 2 May 2011

Princess Update

Hmm, it's been a while since I wrote detail about #1 child! I almost don't know where to begin - she's developing so fast. She is now 20 months old, just past 1 and a half.

Princess can count to 10 (with a little help here and there) and can recognise all the numbers: "On, Too, Free, Foh, Fife, Sick, Senen, It, Nnn, Tin!"

She's recognising some letters of the alphabet too, although not in any sequence. K and X, E and F, O and Q get mixed up and C is "moon!" but we're still completely stunned that she's even attempting letters already! When we are out and about there will be a shout of "Mmm! Mmm!" or "Foh! Foh!" and I have to look around to find where she's spotted an M or a 4!

Princess is close to getting the right shapes into the right holes of the shape toy thingy... Actually she gets the match right most of the time, she just needs to work out how to twiddle the shape so that it falls through. The same goes for her Postman Pat wood puzzle.

She's obsessed with books. She'll pull her board books out of the bookshelf and "read" them to herself ("Bunny... burble burble... hop... Burble... box... cuddle!") for ages, or slide them to me across the floor so that I can read them to her. At bedtime we read her several books and as each one finishes she says "More book?" hopefully.

Princess' speaking is awesome - she has definite sentences now. "More bikkit! Walk park? Truck gone! Read book!" It's great that she can communicate - the other day she got her foot caught in the highchair and started grumbling: "What's the matter baby?" "Foot!"

Of course she can also say "No" to all sorts of things now, and attempt to argue with me. She can throw a tantrum with the best of them when she feels like it, and mummy is the one who catches the brunt of all the boundary testing. I've read that this is because she trusts me to always be there no matter what, so I'm trying to find it flattering that I'm the only one she fights during a messy bum change! When Princess is in the mood to fight her nappy I usually hold her shoulders down and say "Stop it" repeatedly until she gives up (and howls but lets me change her bum). Funnily enough this week she's started yelling "Stoppit! Stoppit!" as I lift her up for a nappy change if she's in the mood for a struggle... nice to have advance warning!

Princess has also bitten me deliberately for the first time last week. It's been coming for a long time - she's bared her teeth at my arm or hand when having a tantrum but always stopped short when warned... Well, last week she got me a good one on the upper arm. That's the first time she's ever been truly yelled at too! It startled the heck out of her and she had a good howl and hasn't tried it seriously since although she thinks about it... "Nooo. Noo bitin."

In general though she's the most placid and sweet-natured kid imaginable.

Princess isn't walking unaided yet, but she'll go for miles holding onto fingers or in her walker. The physio lent us a special walker (which looks a Zimmer frame!) that is brilliant and she'll walk to the local park 4 houses down and all around it and home again quite happily. In fact it's jolly hard to get her to stop, even when you know she's knackered! "Are you tired baby? Want to get down?" "Noo! Walk!"

She's developing strength in her walking muscles, and now just needs to get the hang of balance. It's coming, and hopefully she'll be walking well by the time her brother turns up!

22 Weeks

...and 4 days. I'm pretty slack with these aren't I?!

Weight at conception: 74.5kg
Weight at 22 weeks: 72.5kg
Loss/Gain since last week: 0.7kg
Total Loss/Gain: -2kg

Waist: 95cm

It's hard to believe I'm actually 2kg lighter than when I fell pregnant! I don't particularly enjoy pregnancy but my body loves it - healthy eating and most of the calories being burned up with creating a new person. It's certainly not being burned up in exercise - I'm just too tired to blog never mind exercise!

I eat well and I don't really watch what I eat, although I try to avoid junk. I find I can't eat much at one go though - my stomach is too squashed and I get full quickly, and if I overeat I get horrid indigestion so there is no point!

I've got quite a bump now, and I'm close to the stage where I begin hitting things with it. And I can't squeeze past anything either - it's all solid!

I feel pretty good in spite of the tired. I'm sleeping well and the nosebleeds have stopped. Luckily Princess is an easy baby to look after - she'll play with books and toys (and watch telly - oops bad mummy) for a good part of the day. We walk to the local park and rough-and-tumble on the bed a few times a day, which is about my limit! My bump isn't stopping me doing anything yet, although my lap is getting smaller.

I'm almost exactly the weight I was at this stage with Princess, and my bump is only 3cm bigger than it was... considering I started off 4cm bigger at 13 weeks that's acceptable.

I'm positive Zeus is wrigglier than Princess was - Milord has felt him kicking already! Either that or we know what to feel for this time...